2013 Leadership Series White Paper: How Accommodating Is Your RTW Program? Employer Best Practices in ADA Accommodations

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The 2013 Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) Leadership Series, sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance for the ninth consecutive year, addressed industry-wide best practices in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations. This series focused on the importance of workplace accommodations as well as the interactive process between employers, employees, and carriers in implementing successful and compliant return-to-work (RTW) programs.

Presenters from a variety of organizations ranging from health care to utilities, and Fortune 500 to smaller entities convened to share their insights and experiences with attendees at two separate events. The in-person employer-only workshop took place in Schaumburg, Illinois, on March 19, 2013, drawing together 50 employers for lunch and learning. This was followed by a webinar roundtable held on May 9, 2013, attended by 200 employer representatives. Panelists discussed RTW program best practices incorporating ADA regulations into their absence management and RTW programs, managing the interactive process, as well as how they utilize vendors and internal resources to assist in the process.

During each presentation, attendees were encouraged to ask questions and share both the frustrations and successes of their own experiences in their respective corporate environments. As a result of these two events, more than 250 employers learned how to better accommodate employees to achieve successful RTW programs.

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