Integrated Disability Management: A White Paper from Sedgwick

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Sedgwick - Integrated Disability Management White Paper

Is Integrated Disability Management (IDM) the right strategy for your company in addressing the impact of absence? For streamlining processes and improving employee customer services? Are the core elements of your program well-aligned for effective disability and absence management? Does your organization’s long-term view include a more holistic approach—by linking prevention, wellness, and healthcare management techniques more closely with disability management?

Sedgwick’s white paper on Integrated Disability Management may have some information and insights that can add value to your evaluation process. This overview looks at some of the challenges of disability and absence management today, as well as the advantages and value of IDM. It offers a high-level view of the core elements and services of an IDM program, sketching out a broader emerging vision of integrated health, disability, and productivity management.