(Webinar Recording) Treating the Diagnoses — The Right and Wrong Way of Managing Claims

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The diagnosis plays a critical role in regards to Behavioral Health (BH) claims. It is the diagnosis that drives the treatment plan. Without a diagnosis, appropriate treatment can’t be administered and may lead to open-ended care and even, treatment failure. With recent changes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-5 and the upcoming usage of ICD-10 diagnoses, many diagnoses have changed in their diagnostic criteria, were removed altogether, and new diagnostic categories have been added. While there is some controversy in regards to the DSM-5, the majority of BH conditions that typically impact on the workplace remain relatively unchanged.

In this webinar, those conditions that commonly occur within the workplace and claims process are examined. The innovations in empirically-supported best practice standards and how this translates into the BH claims process are also explored.


  • Dr. Pamela A. Warren, PhD, Carle Physician Group and University of Illinois, Medical School, Urbana, IL


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