The RTW Hierarchy: A White Paper from Zurich

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A Strategy to Identify Temporary Transitional Work Opportunities

In this day and age, it is common knowledge that the early return to work of injured or ill workers (in both occupational and non-occupational settings) reduces the overall cost of claims. Returning injured/ill employees with a physician’s approval in a temporary transitional capacity has been proven to expedite the employee’s recovery process and as a result reduces medical expenses.  While many companies understand the benefits associated with return to work and may have good intentions of practicing return to work, it is not uncommon to hear of companies struggling to identify temporary transitional duties when the opportunity to accommodate presents itself.

This white paper examines a strategy often referred to as the return-to-work hierarchy that can help employers use a logical thought process to aid in identifying meaningful and tangible temporary transitional work opportunities. It also examines the vocational rehabilitation process, its success, statistics, and financial benefits.