DMEC News: November 2017

Tasha Patterson@Work


New Regional Education Model Will Extend Reach and Enhance Resources for DMEC Members

DMEC News_November 2017To extend the reach of our educational events and provide additional resources to more of our members, DMEC will be developing a new regional education model over the next year that will replace the current local chapter structure.

Many dedicated professionals have devoted long hours to serving on local chapter boards, providing a venue for local networking and education. Their efforts have helped DMEC become the premier organization for integrated absence management (IAM) professional development, and provided a meeting ground for the IAM industry in many locations throughout the country.

However, as both the industry and DMEC have grown over the last 25 years, DMEC’s current chapter model has not been sufficiently scalable to meet the growing needs of our members and the industry.

To ensure we understood the desires of busy professionals and the options for serving them, DMEC conducted a strategic review of the existing chapter model in 2017. A range of new options became apparent as part of the process, and the DMEC Board of Directors reviewed these and set a course of action aimed at better serving our members.

Over the next year, DMEC will be evaluating and developing this new education model to provide greater access to our diverse membership located throughout the United States and Canada. The vision for a new model will consider premier content, advanced technologies, industry evolution, and membership growth.

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