Compliance Makeover: Information Security Risks

DMEC Staff

Information Security Risks and the Human Factor

Information Security RisksBy David Glickman

CEO and Principal

As we pursue data security for our organizations and in our personal lives, change always equates to risk. The rapidly changing technology landscape in the world of integrated absence management (IAM) and the growing number of systems we use on a daily basis have expanded the risk for all of us. We have always had to be vigilant, but this level of change and the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals over the past few years requires us to rethink the way we approach security.

As organizations get better at protecting servers and other devices, criminals are increasingly targeting applications and people. So in addition to the efforts of your information technology (IT) team, you are your company’s other defense against cyber criminals. Your profession requires you to process information more quickly than ever, yet your organization also needs you to think twice before responding to emails, which are the primary avenue that cyber criminals use to attack your organization through you.


Malicious software, usually referred to as “malware,” is designed to disrupt or deny access, gain unauthorized access, or steal information. In the old days, malware mostly consisted of pop-ups trying to sell you something. These were annoying and slowed down your computer, but they rarely caused major damage. Today’s threats are much more sophisticated and damaging.

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