February 2018: New State & Local Posting Requirements

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State & Local Posting Requirements

February 2018


Hawaii has added the name of the acting agency director to the following six postings, which all employers are required to display to their employees:

  • Unemployment Insurance Law
  • Disability Compensation Law
  • Wage and Hour Laws
  • Occupational Safety and Health Laws
  • Laws Prohibiting Employment Discrimination
  • Required Notice to Dislocated Workers

Michigan has updated the ‘Unemployment Insurance’ posting with a new street address, website, and phone number. All employers statewide are required to display this posting to their employees.


Vermont requires all employers statewide to display the new ‘Accommodations for Pregnant Employees’ posting to their employees.

West Virginia

West Virginia has updated the ‘Wage Payment and Collection’ and ‘Parental Leave’ postings with new street addresses and contact information.

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