Aligning Workers’ Compensation: WC-FMLA Data Exchange

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Data Exchange to Align the FMLA with WC

By Gary Anderberg, PhD

SVP Claim Analytics
Gallagher Bassett

Keeping the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in synch with workers’ compensation (WC) indemnity claims has been a challenge since the inception of the FMLA. New state and federal rules now make it more important than ever for employers to align the administration of these benefits. A simple data feed from the WC carrier, internal WC claims operation, or third-party administrator (TPA) can make this task much simpler and keep the employer in compliance. Here is what should be included in this data file and how to deploy it efficiently.

One-way Process

For purposes of benefit coordination, our organization treats WC as the “senior” benefit because employer obligations in handling on-the-job injuries are so extensive and detailed. We use information developed in the WC claims process for purposes of leave administration, but no reverse flow is required since WC benefits are not predicated on FMLA status.

Just the Facts

A WC-to-FMLA data feed is not complex, and the same feed can be used to coordinate short-term disability (STD) benefits, since many employee incidents may intersect all three coverages. All you need are:

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