Webinar Recording: Liability Alert! HR and Supervisor Ethical Missteps

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Disability and leave of absence laws impose requirements that ultimately, if properly implemented, should result in not only lawful, but fair and ethical treatment of employees. Unfortunately, good rules and policies do not always translate into actual “best practices”. Many ADA and FMLA lawsuits result from Human Resources professionals, managers and/or supervisors caught unaware of an employer’s obligations under these laws. As a result, while a company can have the best possible employment policies, uninformed or unthinking actions by those interacting with employees and managing employee accommodations and/or leaves can result in legal exposure. Moreover, even if not ultimately found unlawful, inappropriate statements, questions or behavior by Human Resources professionals, managers and/or supervisors can negatively brand an employer, impact reputation, and even the business.

This webinar highlighted supervisor, manager, and company missteps from real cases, and discussed common pitfalls and how they can occur even when the employer’s policies are not at issue.


  • Jaclyn Kugell, JD, Partner, Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP
  • Marti Cardi, JD, Vice President, Product Compliance, Matrix Absence Management, Inc.


This webinar qualifies for the following CEUs: 1 CLMS (ethics), 1 CPDM, 1 PHR, and 1 SHRM. If you are interested in receiving continuing education credit for the recorded webinar, you will need to watch the full webinar, and then download your certificate of attendance from the “Webinar Recording and Continuing Education” tab.

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