Aligning Workers’ Compensation: WC Indemnity Claims & LTD

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Aligning WC Indemnity Claims with LTD

WC Indemnity Claims & LTDBy Gary Anderberg, PhD

SVP Claim Analytics
Gallagher Bassett

Although we often think of workers’ compensation (WC) and nonoccupational disability as separately managed programs, there are elements of overlap that shouldn’t go unrecognized.

Some employers choose to coordinate short-term disability (STD) and WC to provide enhanced benefits to select classes of employees for whom recruiting and retention are particularly challenging. Standard long-term disability (LTD) policies have coordination provisions where the LTD benefit attaches in addition to a WC indemnity benefit.

What happens when these longer-duration WC claims overlap with LTD? Is the LTD application process smooth or a scramble?

A few simple processes can help your LTD carrier and your third-party administrator (TPA) or carrier for workers’ compensation coordinate to substantially reduce the paperwork hassle and possible delays, while setting the stage for a better-than-average resolution of the dual claim to everyone’s benefit.

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