Webinar Recording: Results of the 8th Annual Leave Management Survey

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As absence and disability programs continue to evolve, so do the complexities of leave administration. DMEC and Spring Consulting Group partnered together to understand employer challenges in managing all types of leaves, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), state family and medical leaves, military leave (USERRA), state military leave, jury duty, other state mandated leaves, municipal/county leaves, other company specific leaves (e.g., bereavement, administrative, personal leaves, etc.) and of course, the interplay with the ADA and the amended ADA (ADAAA).

Employers of all sizes and industries continue to have questions surrounding intermittent leave; whether insourcing, co-sourcing, or outsourcing is the right option; what can be done to incentivize RTW and SAW; and how to handle new paid sick, parental, and family care leave laws. This webinar offered practical insight into what’s working well and what is expected to change in the coming years.


  • Karen English, Senior Vice President, Spring Consulting Group, LLC
  • Lai-Sahn Hackett, Director of Market Research, Spring Consulting Group, LLC
  • Terri Rhodes, Chief Executive Officer, DMEC