Leverage Technology in Work Disability Prevention

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Leverage Technology in Work Disability Prevention for Maximum Results

By Tyler Amell, PhD

Chief Relationship Officer and Chief Medical Officer
CoreHealth Technologies

Some people claim that data has surpassed oil as the most valuable commodity on Earth. Whether or not that is verifiable, it is worth discussing.

In 2012, it was estimated that our total data expands at the rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes (or 2.5 exabytes) per day, and this was projected to double every 40 months, bringing us to over 10 quintillion bytes today. 1 Applications contributing to this digital footprint are found throughout the business landscape. The internet as a social and commercial medium generates much of these data, and it may well transmit most of what it doesn’t create. As employers attempt to convert their data into more effective and profitable operations, workplace intelligence technology functions are being revolutionized as well.

Technology Everywhere

The ease of applying technology and the resulting efficiencies have drawn interest from every economic sector. Unfortunately, it’s one thing for a sector such as finance to harness data for marketing and another thing for work environments in that sector to do the same thing to benefit employees and operations.

And even when they do, multiple vendors providing solutions on poorly-matched platforms may leave employers with stranded silos of potentially valuable data. In some cases, it takes another solution from another vendor to unlock the power of these data to execute the original mandate.

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