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Start Your AI Learning Curve Today

By John Wedl

WEDL Placement Services

“Everybody’s talking about artificial intelligence (AI). When will it get here? Or is it already here?” If you take a look around, the answer is clear. AI is here and quickly becoming an important part of our lives.

Alexa plays music and does your internet searches via voice command. Have you noticed how easy it is to get your morning coffee? Some coffee apps will now text you if you are driving near your favorite coffee shop and ask if you want to pre-order your favorite drink. The app knows where you are and what you like, and will order your drink for you and have it ready when you arrive. These are just a few daily examples of how AI and machine learning are making our lives easier and allowing businesses the ability to save time, effort, and money.

Although human resources (HR) is further behind than sales and marketing in implementing AI, it’s coming to HR, too. One source found that 83% of all U.S. organizations are already using AI technology in some form or fashion in HR.1

AI is also impacting our expectations for a great experience. To retain employees with those expectations and to use the power of AI to reduce costs and capture opportunities, organizations large and small are deploying AI to improve customer relationships and positively impact their bottom lines.

Some of your organization’s integrated absence management (IAM) vendor partners may incorporate AI technology in the products and services that you are using today. But for most of your coworkers, the greatest exposure to AI is probably through your organization’s recruiting and retention (R&R) effort. Many larger employers’ R&R efforts are driven by AI for multiple functions in the “talent wars” to land and keep the best employees.

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