2020 DMEC Online Compliance Conference

Jennifer NelsonCompliance Conference

2020 DMEC Online Compliance Conference

Monday, Mar. 23, 2020 | Paid Family and Medical Leave Workshop

Part One

Get Ready: PFML Laws are Coming!

11:00 am-12:00 pm ET

Abigail O’Connell, JD, Senior Counsel, Sun Life Financial, Inc.
Marjory Robertson, JD, AVP & Senior Counsel, Sun Life Financial, Inc.

In the last several years, four states (WA, MA, CT, OR) and the District of Columbia have adopted statutory paid family and medical leave (PFML) laws. They join four other states (CA, NJ, NY, and RI) that have had PFML laws in effect for some time. We expect this trend to continue and anticipate that additional states may adopt these laws in 2020. In this session, we will examine what these laws mean for employers and explore the similarities and differences of the various state PFML laws. We will provide guidance to employers about how to understand and prepare for the disruptive forces of these new, expanding laws.


12:00-12:10 pm ET

Paid Family Leave: Exploring the Impacts to Other Benefit Programs

12:10-1:10 pm ET

Karen English, Senior Vice President, Spring Consulting Group
Marcy Updike, User Experience Researcher, ClaimVantage

Since paid family leave (PFL) was first established in California in 2004, it has caused chaos for both employers and benefit providers. With more states passing legislation and the government considering a federal program, the topic of paid leave is not going away anytime soon. Spring Consulting Group and ClaimVantage conducted a research study to examine the potential impact PFL might have beyond regulatory requirements on employers, insurance carriers, and brokers. Using a 360 degree view, this session will share findings from the research and industry at large and share concerns and trends we may see over the next few years.


1:10-1:40 pm ET

Part Two

COVID-19 – The New Normal

1:40-2:40 pm ET

Frank Alvarez, Principal, Jackson Lewis
Bryon Bass, SVP Disability and Absence Management, Sedgwick
Kimberly Mashburn, National Accounts Practice Lead, The Hartford

Communities and businesses across the country are grappling with unprecedented times as the confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise. Employees are worried about their jobs, their families, and their own health and are seeking guidance and reassurance from their employers. Employers are trying to stay informed and understand how to prepare and respond to the late-breaking legislative changes and mandatory precautionary measures.

During a live Q&A session, three experts will answer attendee questions and offer commentary on the expansion of paid time off proposals by the U.S. government and discuss the most current state legislation. They will also share their recent experiences of how employers are supporting employees as they cope with mandatory quarantine, social distancing, school closures, and general fear and uncertainty.


2:40-2:50 pm ET

Creative Strategies for PFML Compliance and Effective RTW

2:50-3:50 pm ET

Kimberly Mashburn, National Accounts Practice Lead, The Hartford
Rachel Wesley, Clinical & Vocational Rehabilitation Director, The Hartford

As more states are legislating paid family and medical leave (PFML), employers will be faced with more employees taking time away from work. During this session, we will address the concerns employers have about employees utilizing PFML. We’ll share tips and strategies to prepare return-to-work (RTW) policies and processes in compliance with these new laws and the ADA, and explore how to foster a supportive RTW environment that returns employees to productivity as swiftly and safely as possible. We will also address parity for employees who are employed in various states which may not have PFML laws passed, and the ongoing need for short-term disability insurance regardless of state plan availability.


3:50-4:00 pm ET

Workshop Wrap-Up: Ask the Experts!

4:00-5:00 pm ET

Karen English, Senior Vice President, Spring Consulting Group
Marjory Robertson, AVP & Senior Counsel, Sun Life Financial
Rachel Wesley, Clinical & Vocational Rehabilitation Director, The Hartford

Wrap up the day with a chance to ask questions of our experts on the topics covered during the day’s workshop sessions.

Continuing Education

DMEC has applied for continuing education units (CEUs) for the following certifications and professional designations. The full event qualifies for up to five (5) CEUs.

  • Associate Disability Management Specialist (ADMS)
  • California Board of Registered Nursing – and reciprocal states (CA-BRN)
  • Certified Career Assessment Associate (CCAA)
  • Certified Case Manager (CCM)
  • Certified Case Management Professional (CCMP)
  • Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS)
  • Certified Leave Management Specialist (CLMS)
  • Certified Professional Disability Management (CPDM)
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)
  • Certified Work Adjustment Specialists (CWA)
  • Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialists (CVE)
  • Professional/Senior Professional in HR (PHR/SPHR)
  • SHRM Certified Professional/Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP)

To earn continuing education for these sessions, you will need to access the 2020 DMEC Compliance Conference CEU portal from the menu bar in the online console. In the CEU portal, you will be required to create a login and complete the session surveys. You will have the opportunity to download your Certificate of Attendance with CEU information once evaluations for all live and on-demand presentations you have watched complete.