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DMEC Affiliate Program

DMEC Affiliate PartnersThe DMEC affiliate partner program formally recognizes non-profit associations, educational institutions, and other health/disability organizations, who wish to jointly conduct programs, projects, or research studies that are mutually beneficial to both partners. The designation memorializes similar organizational goals between of the affiliated organizations and establishes a working relationship to encourage: joint education, cross-fertilization of ideas, participation in one another’s meetings/conferences, and member networking. By definition, this designation is given to those partners whose goals, principles, and mission are in close alignment with DMEC and who wish to work together in a non-competitive, mutually beneficial arrangement.


A short application letter from the potential affiliate partner will provide basic information on the mutual benefits of the partnership, names and contact information of key person(s), and background information on the organization. Decisions on affiliate partners will be made by the DMEC national board. A short written agreement will outline sharing arrangements and include a non-compete clause. The duration of the agreement will be for one year, with an annual renewal reviewed at the end of each calendar year. Recognition will be given on the DMEC website and other marketing materials as appropriate. No monetary exchange will occur, but trade agreements and in-kind contributions will be incorporated into the agreement. If you have questions about the program, please contact Terri Rhodes, CEO, DMEC, at or 800.789.3632, ext. 117.

Current Affiliates