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Federal Court of Appeals Will Decide Whether or Not Morbid Obesity Is an Impairment

January 12, 2019Federal Court of Appeals Will Decide Whether or Not Morbid Obesity Is an Impairment By Daniel P. Schwarz Jackson Lewis P.C. We know that the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 ... Read More

Appellate Courts Agree: Regular Attendance Is Essential Function of Most Jobs

January 4, 2019Recent decisions from the 2nd, 5th, and 8th Circuit Courts of Appeals exemplify the growing consensus among courts that even employees with a disability are generally required to comply with company attendance policies.

January 2019: New State & Local Posting Requirements

January 4, 2019Review the new state and local posting requirements for Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Rhode Island, and Washington.

California State Disability Insurance Increases

January 2, 2019It’s a new year, and California SDI benefits will be increasing. The SDI withholding rate continues to be 1.0% of wages. But, the taxable wage limit will increase from $114,967 to $118,371.

EEOC Revises Wellness Plan Regulations

December 21, 2018On Dec. 20, the EEOC revised wellness plan regulations by removing the section that permitted incentives. In doing so, the EEOC left employers back in the quandary they were in before. Neither the law, nor the remaining regulations, expressly prohibit (or permit) incentives.

Michigan’s Amended Paid Medical Leave Law

December 19, 2018The Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act requires employers in Michigan to provide their employees with accrued paid medical leave to use for their own or their family members’ medical needs and for purposes related to domestic violence and sexual assault. The new law will become effective in March 2019.

2018 DMEC Business Impact of Paid Leave Pulse Survey Results

December 18, 2018In the last few years, our country has seen a constantly shifting landscape of paid family and paid parental leave laws cropping up across many states and municipalities. Additionally, employers ... Read More

Michigan Governor Signs Sick Leave Amendment

December 18, 2018On Dec. 13, Michigan GOP Governor Rick Snyder signed into law the bill amending the recently enacted Paid Sick Leave (PSL) law, putting the finishing touch on a two-step political strategy to have the legislature craft a PSL bill rather than have voters consider a bill crafted by PSL advocates.

December 2018: New State & Local Posting Requirements

December 7, 2018Review the new state and local posting requirements for Alaska, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Nevada.

Webinar Recording: EEOC Insights Into What Employers Still Get Wrong About the ADA

December 6, 2018This webinar provided a front row seat to the EEOC’s perspective on best practices for ADA compliance and lessons learned from employers who get it wrong. A representative from the ... Read More

Austin Sick Time Ordinance Preempted

November 26, 2018The Austin Earned Sick Time Ordinance is unconstitutional because it is preempted by the Texas Minimum Wage Act (TMWA), the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District, ruled on Friday.

Tenth Circuit Rules No Adverse Employment Action and No Failure-to-Accommodate Claim

November 20, 2018The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) includes within its definition of “discriminate,” an employer’s failure to provide a reasonable accommodation to a qualified individual with a disability. But, is a failure to accommodate standing alone — absent an adverse employment action — enough to establish an ADA failure-to-accommodate claim?

Webinar Recording: State Disability and Paid Leaves – What’s New for 2019

November 15, 2018If you have employees in any of these statutory jurisdictions — California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Washington state, and Washington D.C. — you’re likely looking ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Working Caregivers: Multiple Jobs, Multiple Stressors, Multiple Leaves – Oh My!

November 13, 2018Caregiving impacts nearly 40 million families in the United States, with six out of ten working Americans caring for a family member age 50 and older. But it’s not just ... Read More

The Importance of Medical Evaluations & Clinical Reviews in Disability Insurance: A White Paper from Genex

November 12, 2018Today, a primary concern of executives at disability insurance carriers is compliance with updates to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which went into effect April 1, 2018. The ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Financial Wellness & The Hidden Cost of Employee Financial Stress

November 8, 2018Employees often are financially stressed by so many obligations — be it student loan debt, day-to-day living expenses, saving for kids’ college education, unexpected medical bills, or even retirement — ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Absence Management Privacy – Beyond the Basics

November 6, 2018You have a basic understanding of your responsibilities when it comes to privacy and cybersecurity, but is that enough? This webinar was designed to give industry professionals the advanced tools ... Read More

California Expands Upon Lactation Accommodation Requirements

November 3, 2018California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 1976, expanding California employer obligations respective to employee lactation accommodation.

November 2018: New State & Local Posting Requirements

November 3, 2018Review the new state and local posting requirements for California, Delaware, Florida, New Mexico, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, Vermont, and Virginia.

Webinar Recording: South Region Compliance Update

October 31, 2018The frantic pace of changing regulations around absence and disability management are enough to send even the most seasoned professional’s head spinning. This presentation offered insight into the most pressing ... Read More

Expanded Paid Leave Benefits Coming to California Employees

October 31, 2018Currently California employees who wish to receive pay during leave for a qualifying exigency would need to use their own accrued vacation or paid time off hours. However, beginning Jan. 1, 2021, an employee can apply for wage replacement benefits from the State of California Paid Family Leave insurance program during such a leave.

A Dozen Paid Sick Leave Laws Disappear

October 29, 2018The Garden State passed the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave Law last May; it went into effect on Oct. 28, 2018. A provision of that law nullifies the thirteen municipal PSL laws that had been passed in the state, for a net reduction of twelve PSL laws.

Paid Sick Leave on its Way to Albany County

October 26, 2018Albany County (NY) will likely become the fourth county in the nation to adopt a paid sick leave law. The only question is when it will be adopted. The Law Committee of the County Legislature held a public hearing earlier this week on an amended proposed Albany County Paid Sick Leave Act.

Webinar Recording: The Role of Supervisors in Preventing & Managing Absence

October 25, 2018Workplace supervisors are a key element in disability prevention and return to work — yet their potential impact is often untapped. Studies show how employers can harness this potential, through simple training ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Northeast Region Compliance Update

October 24, 2018The frantic pace of changing regulations around absence and disability management are enough to send even the most seasoned professional’s head spinning. This presentation offered insight into the most pressing ... Read More