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The Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 dedicated to providing absence and disability professionals with ongoing support and the latest information, tools, and resources organizations need to minimize employee lost work time, improve staff productivity, and maintain legally compliant absence and disability management programs. We can connect members of the media with top experts in the integrated absence management field.

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Webinar Recording: Empowering Employees to Thrive in an Ever-Changing Work-Life World

September 5, 2019As the workplace continues to change, leaders are left wondering how they should help employees navigate competing priorities in a more dynamic world. Employees’ expectations are shifting, and they’re looking ... Read More

9th Circuit Dodges the Question of Whether Morbid Obesity Is an “Impairment” Under the ADA

August 30, 2019On Aug. 20, 2019, the 9th Circuit dodged answering the question of whether or not morbid obesity is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Bernalillo County, NM Passes “Any Reason” Leave Law

August 26, 2019Bernalillo County Commissioners in New Mexico approved an “any reason” leave law by a narrow margin on Aug. 20, 2019.

DOL Opines That Parent’s Attendance at Individualized Education Program Conference Warrants FMLA Leave

August 26, 2019In an Aug. 8, 2019 opinion letter, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) shed some light on what counts as “caring for” a family member under the FMLA.

Oregon Governor Signs Paid Family and Medical Leave Law

August 26, 2019Oregon’s paid family and medical leave law was signed by Governor Kate Brown on Aug. 9, 2019.

San Francisco Employers May Have to Pay More in Paid Parental Leave Benefits in 2020

August 26, 2019Currently, employers who have 20 or more employees (located anywhere) are required to provide eligible San Francisco employees with up to 6 weeks of supplemental compensation when an employee takes time off to bond with a new child. Effective July 1, 2020, this requirement will increase to 8 weeks of supplemental compensation.

Pittsburgh Sick Leave Law Upheld

August 12, 2019The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania held recently that the City of Pittsburgh had authority to enact the Paid Sick Days Act.

Employer’s Additional Notice Requirement for Requesting FMLA Leave Dooms Dismissal Attempt

August 12, 2019While the FMLA regulations clearly authorize employers to adopt “usual and customary notice and procedural rules for requesting leave, absent unusual circumstances,” this case suggests employers should closely review any such rules to determine whether they place impermissible additional burdens on employees seeking FMLA leave.

6th Circuit Faults “No-Fault” Attendance Policy with Broad FMLA Benefits Interpretation

August 12, 2019Employers must carefully navigate Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) pitfalls when administering attendance policies.

Washington Weighs in on Obesity Discrimination

August 12, 2019The state of Washington has weighed in on the debate as to whether obesity is a disability under disability discrimination laws.

Employer’s Good Deed Goes Unpunished — Reliable Attendance Is Essential Function Despite Prior Accommodation of Employee’s Absences

August 2, 2019In an 8th Circuit case, the court affirmed that regular, reliable attendance is an essential function of a job.

California Extends Paid Family Leave from Six to Eight Weeks

July 26, 2019Beginning on Jul. 1, 2020, California will extend the maximum duration of Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits from six weeks to eight weeks.

Paid Sick Leave Laws Updates in Texas

July 23, 2019In Texas, there continues to be controversy and debate around paid sick leave laws in San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin.

Washington Pushes Back First Reporting Deadline for Paid Family and Medical Leave Law

July 23, 2019By Aug. 31, 2019, all Washington employers must file reports about their employees, including their wages and associated hours worked during the first two quarters of 2019.

Paid Sick Days Back on Track in Pittsburgh

July 19, 2019The Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the Pittsburgh Paid Sick Days Act (PSDA) in a decision today, overturning two lower court decisions that found the Act was invalid as an impermissible business regulation.

Oregon Joins Growing Number of States Requiring Paid Family and Medical Leave

July 19, 2019The Oregon Senate voted to pass HB 2005 — which will provide paid family and medical leave to eligible employees beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

Webinar Recording: Navigating the Complexity of Paid Leave

July 16, 2019The complex paid leave landscape in America is expanding as new states continue to implement paid family and medical leave programs. While understanding the difference between accrued paid leave, mandated ... Read More

Maine Enacts Law Extending Protections to Pregnant and Nursing Employees

July 11, 2019On Jun. 27, 2019, Maine Governor Janet Mills signed into law L.D. 666, which extends existing protections for pregnant and nursing employees in Maine.

Paid Sick Leave Quarterly: 2nd Quarter 2019

July 11, 2019The vast and complex patchwork of PSL laws expanded in the 2nd quarter of 2019. The most notable development was the addition of two laws with PSL architecture but which allow paid leave to be used for any reason, not merely for sick leave.

Intermittent Leave Limits in FMLA Medical Certification Trumps the ADA Duty to Accommodate

July 2, 2019A Minnesota federal court decision upheld an employer’s termination for excessive absenteeism of an employee with an intermittent leave certification.

Oregon Enacts Living Donor Leave Law

June 28, 2019Earlier this month, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 796 into law, providing protected leave under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) for employees who miss work in connection with donating a body part, organ, or tissue.

Paid Sick Leave on Track in Dallas and San Antonio

June 28, 2019By Aug. 1, 2019, most employers with employees working at least 80 hours a year in Dallas or San Antonio should be prepared to comply with paid sick leave ordinances.

Webinar Recording: Are You Ready for Emerging Paid Statutory Leave Programs?

June 27, 2019Paid family and medical leave programs are gaining traction across the nation, and are currently approved in seven states. Each state’s approved program is unique in terms of plan design, ... Read More

New Maine Law Requires Time Off From Work for Appointments at VA Medical Facilities

June 26, 2019For the second time this month, Maine is adjusting its leave laws. Employers in Maine will soon be required to provide veterans with time away from work to attend scheduled appointments at Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities.

Why Disability Income Protection Should Be Part of Your Financial Wellness Toolkit: A Study from Prudential

June 21, 2019Americans across the socioeconomic spectrum face numerous barriers to financial wellness, affecting everything from the quality of their child care to planning for retirement. Prepared or not, most Americans are ... Read More