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The Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 dedicated to providing absence and disability professionals with ongoing support and the latest information, tools, and resources organizations need to minimize employee lost work time, improve staff productivity, and maintain legally compliant absence and disability management programs. We can connect members of the media with top experts in the integrated absence management field.

Latest DMEC News and Events

10th Circuit Holds Employee with FMLA Experience to a High Standard

May 25, 2017The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit says that the more an employee exercises rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the more it will ... Read More

CBO Releases Cost Estimate for the AHCA

May 24, 2017The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) have completed an estimate of the direct spending and revenue effects of H.R. 1628, the ... Read More

Cost-of-Living Adjustments Announced for HSAs and Affordability

May 23, 2017In Revenue Procedure 2017-37, the Internal Revenue Service announced the inflation adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). For calendar year 2018, the annual limitation on contributions to an HSA ... Read More

HIPAA Update

May 22, 2017There have been a number of developments in recent months regarding privacy and security under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Additionally, recent ransomware attacks should serve as ... Read More

2017 GovDocs City & County Paid Sick Leave Guide

May 19, 2017In this GovDocs guide, you will find the city and county paid sick leave requirements for the United States. These paid sick leave ordinances include workplace posting requirements so that ... Read More

HHS Final Rules Hope to Provide Stability to the Marketplaces

May 18, 2017Final regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are intended to provide stability to the individual health insurance marketplaces around the country. The regulations make a ... Read More

Healthcare & Employee Productivity: A White Paper from Aetna

May 18, 2017Changing the Healthcare Conversation Health insurance is how a company protects its greatest asset — its employees. Statistically, healthy employees miss less time from work for sick days and disability, ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Employee Productivity — Presenteeism and Absenteeism

May 18, 2017Employee productivity is impacted by employee absences from the workplace (absenteeism) as well as employees coming to work who are not operating at 100% (presenteeism). Many factors impact employee health ... Read More

May 2017: State and Local Law Update

May 11, 2017One of the most difficult things for human resource and absence management professionals to do is to keep up with changing state and local laws. Below is a brief summary ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Moving Forward — How to Maintain Absence Management Momentum

May 11, 2017Ever wonder what your peers are doing to more effectively manage employee absences? This session offered insight and practical advice on ways to maintain momentum with absence management strategies, and provided trends ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Return to Work and Beyond

May 9, 2017Returning an employee to work after a disabling event can be challenging, especially when a musculoskeletal disorder is involved. The prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders creates a challenge for employers across ... Read More

Trumpcare Advances to Senate

May 7, 2017The House of Representatives narrowly passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which had been given up for dead in March and now faces an uphill battle in the Senate. ... Read More

A Foundational Approach to Return to Function: A White Paper from IAIABC

April 17, 2017Return to Work: A Foundational Approach to Return to Function Tremendous strain is being placed on economics and healthcare systems around the globe by life-altering, preventable workplace injuries and long-term ... Read More

The 2017 Guardian Absence Management Activity Index and Study

April 15, 2017Employers are making absence management a higher priority, but advances can still be made. In Guardian’s 2017 study, they take a look at trends in employee leave practices and outcomes, ... Read More

Trump Administration Extends Grandmothered Policies

April 11, 2017The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced an extension for individuals and small businesses who have certain, non-Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant policies. The extension applies to non-ACA ... Read More

April 2017: State and Local Law Update

April 10, 2017One of the most difficult things for human resource and absence management professionals to do is to keep up with changing state and local laws. Below is a brief summary ... Read More

The TrumpCare Zombie and What Might Happen

April 6, 2017Some people are calling the efforts to revive repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the TrumpCare Zombie. After withdrawing the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on March 24, President ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Medical Certification and Recertification for FMLA & State Leaves

April 6, 2017What is an employer’s option when they doubt the validity of a leave request? When is it appropriate to trigger recertification or a 2nd opinion? This session explored answers to ... Read More

New Privacy Training Requirements for Federal Contractors

April 5, 2017On Jan. 19, 2017, the Federal Acquisition Regulation council made effective a final rule for government contractors and subcontractors that formalizes privacy training for covered employees. Privacy training is a ... Read More

2016 DMEC Behavioral Health Survey White Paper

March 27, 2017The DMEC Behavioral Health Survey, conducted biennially, tracks employer strategies, advancements, prevalence, and effectiveness in the area of behavioral risk management. The findings presented in the 2016 DMEC Behavioral Health ... Read More

2016 DMEC Behavioral Health Survey Executive Summary

March 27, 2017Mental health conditions continue to be among the leading causes of workplace absence and are associated with high cost for treatments and lost wages. Mental health issues are often not ... Read More

Republicans Cancel Vote to Repeal Parts of ACA

March 24, 2017This afternoon the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives cancelled a vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would have repealed significant portions of the Affordable Care ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The 3 C’s of Leave Management: Consistency, Communication, Compliance

March 23, 2017Whether you are just getting started or have an established program, consistent policies that are clearly communicated help to drive compliance. This webinar discussed leave administration, written policies, and communications that ... Read More

IRS Will Accept “Silent” Tax Returns

March 20, 2017The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that it will accept so-called “silent” tax returns, that is, returns that do not answer the question about health coverage. This decision does ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Understanding Behavioral Health Disability & RTW

March 14, 2017Behavioral health conditions can be a significant contributing factor to disability, absenteeism, and loss of productivity in your workforce. Approximately 18%, or 1 in 5 American adults, experience mental illness ... Read More