Below is a list of the 2017 board members for each of our local chapters. We are always looking for volunteers to serve on chapter boards. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to support your local professional community, while you expand your resume. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at

Central California (Modesto) Chapter

Visit the Central California (Modesto) chapter webpage.

Chicago (IL) Chapter

Visit the Chicago (IL) chapter webpage.

  • President: LaVina Branch, McMaster-Carr Supply Company
  • Vice President: Jeanne Boysen, The OMS Ltd
  • Secretary: Sheryl Scudieri, Corvel Corporation
  • Treasurer: Iris Becker, Corvel Corporation
  • Programming Chair: Jennifer Bennici, Liberty Mutual
  • Membership Chair: Ben Alverth, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

Colorado (Greater Denver) Chapter

Visit the Colorado (Greater Denver) chapter webpage.

  • Advisory Group Members: Ashlee Brennan, ReedGroup; Marti Cardi, Matrix Absence Management; Melanie Chavez, Kaiser Permanente; Connie McCray, SLC Health System Inc., Ambrosia Nelson, Mercer Health Benefits; Patricia Tillapaugh, Denver Health Hospital

Dallas/Fort Worth (TX) Chapter

Visit the Dallas/Fort Worth (TX) chapter website.

  • President: James Duff, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  • Vice President: Robin Davis, JCPenney
  • Secretary: Lisa Burris, CareWorks Absence Management
  • Treasurer: Joe Sadowy, Guardian Life Insurance Company
  • Programming Chair: Rob Larson, Unum
  • Legislative Chair: James Albright, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • Hospitality Chair: Sebrena Bohnsack, Healthcare Services Corp
  • Communications Chair: Tom Maxwell, ACIUS Group
  • Member at Large: Cheryl Jez, Reliance Standard

Georgia (Greater Atlanta) Chapter

Visit the Georgia (Greater Atlanta) chapter webpage.

  • Presidents: Anna Hewell, Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance
  • Vice President: Sharon Cline, Lockheed Martin
  • Secretary: Zanita Miller, Anthem Inc
  • Treasurer: Joshua Hobson, Amazon
  • Programming Chair: Josie Rodriguez Dolan, Exam Coordinators Network
  • Membership Chair: Kimberly Mashburn, The Hartford
  • Legislative Chair: Martin Heller, Freeman Mathis & Gary LLP
  • Hospitality Chairs: Nancy Bruemmer, Lincoln Financial Group; Dottie Tieslau, Lincoln Financial Group
  • Members at Large: Cynthia Baker, Turner Broadcasting System Inc; Lisa Bosserman, Lockheed Martin; Nancy O’Reilly, FastTrack RTW

Michigan Chapter

Visit the Michigan chapter webpage.

  • President: Lorraine Climer, Perrigo
  • Secretary: Michelle Rowland, GENEX Services Inc
  • Treasurer: Richard Mieskowski, Spectrum Health Hospitals
  • Membership Chair: Thomas Semaan, Michigan Case Management Services
  • Hospitality Chair: Andy Oliver, Brown Rehab & Review Management
  • Members at Large: Randy Boss, Ottawa Kent

Minnesota Chapter

Visit the Minnesota chapter webpage.

  • President: Sharyn Mantel, Fairview Health Services
  • Vice President: Sue Wessin-Cradle, Best Buy
  • Secretaries: Vicki Carlson, GENEX Services Inc; Sally Monson, The Hartford
  • Treasurer: David Dubovich, Allina Hospitals Clinics
  • Programming Chairs: Emily Ruhsam, Lifetouch; Jane Ryan, Mayo Clinic
  • Membership Chair: David Gross, MetLife
  • Legislative Chair: Michael McKenna, The ALARIS Group Inc
  • Hospitality Chairs: Hyacinth Campbell Roberts, Sedgwick; Katie Knoche, Corvel Corporation
  • Communications Chair: Jamie Gassmann, R3 Continuum
  • Education Chairs: Neal Binsfeld, University of Minnesota
  • Members at Large: Theresa Gavinski, EvaluMed; Dan McLaughlin, Wells Fargo Bank; Stacie Thomas, EvaluMed; Chad Winter, Unum

New England Chapter

Visit the New England chapter webpage.

  • President: J. Michael Vittoria, Lifespan Health & Benefits
  • Vice President: Ruth Galvin, Lahey Health
  • Secretary: Patricia Purdy, Pacific Resources Benefits Advisors LLC
  • Treasurer: Sarah Lawsure, University Disability Consortium
  • Programming Chair: Karen English, Spring Consulting Group LLC
  • Members at Large: Benet Bianchi, Aon Hewitt; Douglas Frantzen, Unum; Debi Horvath, Raytheon Corporation

Northern California (San Francisco) Chapter

Visit the Northern California (San Francisco) chapter webpage.

  • President: Cecilia A. Quiambao, City of Petaluma; Rhonda Stribling, Sedgwick
  • Secretary: Chandra Winters, CSAA Insurance Group
  • Treasurer: Robin Azevedo, Sedgwick
  • Members at Large: Annette Barraza, Sutter Health; Ingrid Blackwell, Pacific Gas & Electric Company; Maureen Bogue, Pacific Employment Law LLP; Marlene Dines, Kaiser Permanente; Yetta Henton, ACE ESIS; Robin Nagel, Full Circle Interdisciplinary Consulting; Philip Osmond, Kaiser Permanente; Mellisa Risano, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford; Reesha Ruel, County of Sonoma

Ohio Chapter

Visit the Ohio chapter webpage.

  • President: Deborah Templin, University Hospitals
  • Vice President: Cortney Silva, The Ohio State University
  • Secretary: Jeffrey Hunter, Honda
  • Treasurer: Melissa Riggs, American Electric Power
  • Programming Chair: Tony D’Orazio, CareWorks Absence Management
  • Membership Chair: Doug Burnip, Unum
  • Legislative Chair: Todd Palmer, Calfee Halter & Griswold LLP
  • Members at Large: Holly Moyer, Alliant Employee Benefits

Oregon/Southwest Washington Chapter

Visit the Oregon/Southwest Washington chapter webpage.

  • President: Tanya Kindred, Kaiser Permanente
  • Secretary: Carmen Jones, Legacy Health
  • Treasurer: Dianne Gibson, Kaiser-On-the-Job
  • Programming Chair: Tanya Kindred, Kaiser Permanente
  • Membership Chair: Michael Moses, Kaiser Permanente
  • Legislative Chair: Rebecca Watkins, Sather Byerly Holloway
  • Hospitality Chair: Dianne Gibson, Kaiser-On-the-Job
  • Communications Chair: Janie McCollister, CityCounty Insurance Services
  • Member at Large: Scott Ambrose, Matrix Absence Management; Tanya Thompson, PeaceHealth; Jeri VanDomelen, PacificCorp

Sacramento (CA) Chapter

Visit the Sacramento (CA) chapter webpage.

  • President: Crystal Potch-Seto, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Vice President: Rosa Mallory, Sutter Health
  • Secretary: Adrienne Paler, Sutter Health
  • Treasurer: Gary Archibald, Innovative Claim Solutions
  • Programming Chair: Roberta Etcheverry, Diversified Management Group
  • Hospitality Chair: Stephanie Eickmeyer, Sutter Health
  • Communications Chair: Kelly Cook, Redwood Empire Schools Insurance Group
  • Members at Large: Kelly Crisolo, Sutter Health; Sandra Roberts, Sutter Health; Shelly Singh, Sutter Health

San Jose (CA) Chapter

Visit the San Jose (CA) Chapter webpage.

  • President: Cindy Delgado, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Vice President: Pam Porter, Porter Consulting
  • Treasurer: Cindy Delgado, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Programming Chair: Stan Scioscia, Aetna Inc
  • Membership Chair: Jehan Saya, ESIS Fremont
  • Legislative Chair: Gary R. Lopez, Armstrong Law Firm
  • Hospitality Chair: Iris Herrera, County of Santa Clara

Southern California (Long Beach) Chapter

Visit the Southern California (Long Beach) chapter webpage.

  • President: Kymberly Clay, City of Long Beach
  • Vice President: Deborah Jacobs, Amazon
  • Secretary: Kymberly Clay, City of Long Beach
  • Treasurer: Beverly Bartlow-Nieves, City of Long Beach
  • Programming Chair: Tyler Ingram, Voya Financial
  • Membership Chair: Martha Garcia, Kaiser Permanente
  • Hospitality Chairs: Azucena Coronel, Tristar Benefit Administrators; Demetrius Patrick, Los Angeles Unified School District; Tyler Ingram, Voya Financial
  • Communications Chairs: Azucena Coronel, Tristar Benefit Administrators; Demetrius Patrick, Los Angeles Unified School District; Tyler Ingram, Voya Financial

Washington (Greater Seattle) Chapter

Visit the Washington (Greater Seattle) chapter webpage.

  • President: Melysa Miles, T-Mobile USA
  • Vice President: Karen Wollgast, Briotix
  • Secretary: Renee Kilburg, Providence Health Services
  • Treasurer: Roslyn Ericksen, The Hartford
  • Programming Chair: Christi Doe, Exam Coordinators Network; Jason Parker, Centrix Disability Management Services
  • Membership Chair: Marianne Fehrenbacher, Lippincott Consulting Services
  • Communication Chair: Jean Shearer, The Partners Group
  • Member at Large: Roseanna Williams, Microsoft