Help DMEC Expand Its Local Chapter Presence

Start a DMEC Chapter

DMEC’s regional presence throughout the U.S. has helped hundreds of employers implement highly successful integrated absence management programs — saving their companies millions of dollars and allowing them to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Chapters events provide an opportunity to network with and learn from local peers and colleagues, while keeping abreast of specific local and state issues.

There are several ways you can support DMEC chapters in your area.

Become a Chapter Sponsor or Meeting Partner

Another way to expand the presence and reach of local DMEC chapters is to become a chapter sponsor or meeting partner.

Chapter sponsors support chapters throughout the year and receive recognition at a national and local level. If you are interested in sponsoring an existing chapter or a new chapter, please contact Terri Rhodes, Chief Executive Officer, at or 800.789.3632, ext. 117.

Meeting partners support chapter events and receive recognition at a local level. If you are interested in becoming a meeting partner, contact the president of your local chapter.

Volunteer as a Chapter Board Member

We are always looking for volunteers to serve on chapter boards. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to support your local professional community, while you expand your resume. Local boards have a variety of positions in which volunteers can serve, including:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Programming Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Legislative Chair
  • Hospitality Chair
  • Communication Chair
  • Member at Large

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at