Compliance Memos: September 2016

Tasha Patterson@Work


Compliance Memos_September 2016Proliferating Local Paid Sick Leave, Other Protections

Chicago requires employers to provide paid sick leave to employees effective July 1, 2017. One leave hour is accrued per 40 hours worked, up to five days of earned sick leave per year; employees can roll-over up to 2.5 days of unused sick leave into the next year. San Diego: A new ordinance effective July 11, 2016, obligates employers to provide sick pay benefits, accrued at the rate of one hour for every hour worked. Employers can front-load no less than 40 hours of sick leave at the beginning of each benefit year, and can cap accruals at 80 hours. Delaware increased protections for employees that use Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave or other family leave, or for an employee’s “family responsibilities.” Michigan: The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Michigan’s health claims tax is not preempted by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Missouri increased protections for employees attending a criminal proceeding; employers may not require them to use vacation or sick time for these activities. To learn more about these and other new legal mandates, visit

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