Webinar Recording: Shift From Mandated PFML Programs – What You Need To Know

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With the absence of a federal program, individual states have been adopting their own variations of paid family and medical leave (PFML) programs — each of which are unique. So far in 2022, there have been three new state laws enacted (Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware), and each of the new laws have different provisions for eligibility, program support, and employer requirements. For example, Virginia’s law is not a state mandate, while both Maryland and Delaware are. However, Delaware and Virginia will have paid leave benefits that may be available to workers outside of their respective state.

During this session, we broke down the differences in these programs and outline how state programs are evolving. We discussed the increasing interest in employer “optional” PFML programs and what this means for your organization. We also broke down solutions to help you prepare for and understand your obligations under the various PFML laws and provided updates of what’s on the horizon for 2023.


  • Gina Rutledge, Director, PFML, Group Disability & Absence Product Development & Management, MetLife
  • Dan Iskra, Assistant Vice President, Group Disability & Absence Product Development & Management, MetLife


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