FMLA/ADA Training for Supervisors and Managers

Learning Management System SCORM Package Now Available

Are your supervisors and managers well-informed about their obligations under the FMLA and the ADA? As the front-line leaders for your organization, supervisors are often the first to hear about a potentially qualifying FMLA or ADA event. It it important that they are prepared to recognize and appropriately respond to these events so that your organization remains compliant with statutory requirements.

DMEC’s FMLA and ADA Training for Supervisors and Managers is available in a new format to make training your front-line leaders even easier! A new SCORM training package can be purchased for delivery through your organization’s learning management system.

What’s Included

In the new format, the training program comes packaged in a SCORM file that allows for easy upload in a variety of learning management systems. The SCORM package includes a 25-minute interactive video, divided into three sections with knowledge checks to test the supervisor’s comprehension of the material. As the supervisor progresses through the knowledge checks, they will receive explanations for each question to further enhance their knowledge.

In addition to the SCORM package, your organization will receive two PDF roadmaps, one for the FMLA process and one for the ADA process, and a sample certificate of completion.

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DMEC’s FMLA/ADA Training for Supervisors and Managers SCORM package is a one-time purchase for use in your organization’s learning management system. View the Perpetual End-User Software License AgreementDMEC organization members receive discounted pricing

Member Price
Nonmember Price
Leave Management System SCORM Package $10,000 $12,500


If you have additional questions about the new SCORM package option or would like to test compatibility of the package in your learning management system, contact Jennifer Nelson at or 800.789.3632, ext. 121.