@Work Magazine

Work From Home Experiment Has Staying Power

September 2021 Issue

Reluctant to give up the flexibility and better quality of life found during the COVID-19 pandemic, highly skilled workers are signaling that the concept of five days in the office is dead. And previously reluctant employers are embracing the upside of more liberal work-from-home policies ... Read more.

Legislative Updates

President’s Path Out of the Pandemic Adds Obligations

September 2021

On Sep. 9, 2021, the White House issued Path Out of the Pandemic: President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan. The Plan outlines a six-pronged approach, portions of which will impose new obligations, including COVID-19 vaccines and testing, on employers across the country .... Read more.


Paid Family & Medical Leave Pulse Survey Results

September 2021

Paid family and medical leave (PFML) laws have swept the nation in recent years. With no two state plans alike, managing this patchwork of new laws can prove challenging. This survey offers insight into how employers are getting involved to help shape the trajectory of the PFML landscape ... Read more.

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