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Check out member resources, updates, sample templates, and tools from industry thought leaders — themed around timely topics in the absence and disability community. This content hub will be updated periodically throughout the year with new resources that you can immediately put into practice in your absence and disability management programs.

Workforce Flexibility: Insights from Spring Consulting Group

When it comes to flexibility at work, employers and employees are not always on the same page. So, how can employers and employees reach a compromise? Identifying what type of flexibility employees prefer and value, and what they might be willing to give up to get (or keep) it, is the first step.

Throughout the month of October, Spring Consulting Group has shared tips and resources with DMEC members to help them address workforce flexibility.

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A Flexible Approach to ADA Medical Documentation: Insights from JAN

Job Accommodation Network logo with link to their webisiteWhen an employer requests medical documentation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there is more to consider than just checking boxes off a list. Offering flexibility in the process by accepting alternative forms of medical information and documentation and focusing on functional limitations to support accommodation requests can help bridge the gap between what is technically allowable under the ADA and meeting the needs of employees with disabilities. Employers that approach accommodation requests with flexibility, understanding, and respect create a more inclusive
and supportive workplace where everyone can thrive. Moreover, up-to-date routine training for human resource professionals and people leaders can equip these key personnel with the skills and knowledge to navigate the accommodation process efficiently and effectively.

Throughout the month of September, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) shared tips and resources with DMEC members to help them address ADA medical documentation.

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Presenteeism: Insights from The Standard

Link to The StandardAlthough presenteeism — lost productivity when employees are not fully functioning in the workplace because of illness, injury, or other condition — is not a new concept, variations have emerged since the onset of the pandemic. The range now includes people working while unwell (traditional presenteeism), employees doing the minimum required to get by (quiet quitting), and employees remaining at work while actively resenting their job (resenteeism).

Throughout the month of May, The Standard shared tips and resources with DMEC members to help them spot presenteeism and identify potential solutions that can improve productivity and decrease turnover.

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