RTW Showcase: Leave Pain Points and Employer Solutions

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Leave Pain Points and Employer Solutions

By Steve McGonagle, AVP, Leave Management, Voya Financial

Managing employee leave can be complex due to various leave options available or required by local, state, and federal laws, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and employer-sponsored leave programs. Employers are experiencing common issues, which can help guide future solutions.

More employers recognize — and are acting on — the opportunity to create leave solutions that address employee expectations and an employer’s interests. Employees expect resources, support, and simplicity with their leave options — which they view as an extension of their benefits — while employers view leave as a task to complete, a risk to manage, and a potential disruption to operations.1

The challenges each face differ as well. Employees can find the leave process disorganized and complex, especially when they may be contending with difficult personal situations. For employers, the challenge is managing multiple workflows and systems, organizational disruption, and ever-changing leave regulations — while meeting the needs of employees on leave.

The research revealed that employers are reassessing their strategies for integrated absence management programs. And, while helping an organization remain compliant with leave laws is essential to long-term success, facilitating a good experience for employees on leave and supporting their return to work are equally important because a negative experience can create poor employer perceptions.

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