The CEO’s Desk: ADA Compliance 101

Tasha Patterson@Work


ADA Compliance 101

By Terri L. Rhodes, CCMP, CLMS, CPDM, MBA, CEO, DMEC

The work we do is personal. It’s meaningful, and it’s fraught with nuances and liabilities, especially when we talk about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). And since most employers manage ADA claims internally (79%)1 and track them manually,2 how do we steer clear of legal quagmires?

One way is to avoid shortcuts and assumptions. Taking an individualized approach might be time-consuming, but it pays off as you’ll hear from expert attorneys during our annual compliance webinar series3 in October.

Reviewing monetary penalties for employers that run afoul of the ADA4 is a sobering reminder that there are expensive consequences when we don’t focus on facts presented, design accommodations for known (not perceived) inabilities to perform essential job functions, and ask for unnecessary medical documentation (among other infractions).

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