@Work Magazine

Heavy Burden of Rising Obesity in the Workforce

September 2016
Obesity and being overweight affect not only individuals and their families but also the companies that employ them, reducing corporate profit through increased medical costs and lost productivity. Obesity impacts comorbid conditions as well as mental health ... Read more.
Legislative Updates

Managers Can be Liable for FMLA Violations

September 2016
The United States Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit has ruled that individual managers can be held liable for violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Under the FMLA regulations, an “employer” can include individuals acting in the interest of an employer ... Read more.

Webinar Recording: Living Abled and Healthy

September 2016
Educating, empowering, and engaging those who are injured or ill are key factors in achieving successful outcomes and living joyful, productive lives. In this webinar, explore ten core principles for healthy living and for recovering from injury or illness ... Read more.

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