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RTW from Mental Health Disability Leave

May 5, 2016
Stress, depression, anxiety, worry, and even panic have become a common problem in today’s workplace. Approximately 7% of the American workforce experience major depressive disorder. RTW from a mental health absence can be challenging ... Read more.
Legislative Updates

Los Angeles Passes Paid Sick Time Law Effective July 1

June 16, 2016
Los Angeles has become the 5th city in California to enact a paid sick time law that differs from the California Law, joining Emeryville, Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Monica. The Los Angeles law applies to employees who work more than two hours per week ... Read more.

Ability-Driven Absence Management: An Aetna Study

June 9, 2016
Rigidly thinking about the terms “disability” and “disabled” overlooks a wide span of ability levels, which limits opportunities for people who have an illness or injury, but who are still able to do numerous productive tasks ... Read more.

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