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To Gender Equality and Beyond

Employment Practices Compliance Issue

As employers seek more inclusive environments, many are removing gender pronouns from policies and handbooks in favor of more gender-neutral terms, such as they, their, and them. They’re also working to ensure benefit programs are equitable and accessible for all employees ... Read more.

Legislative Updates

DOL Issues Guidance on Telework

March 2023

The DOL has issued guidance on the application of the FLSA & FMLA to employees who telework from home or from another location away from the employer’s facility. The Field Assistance Bulletin 2023-1 provides employers a glimpse into how the DOL applies existing law and regulations to remote-work scenarios ... Read more.


Webinar Recording: FMLA Administration

March 2023

Technology is present in all aspects of our lives, and that includes accessing and administering the FMLA. But how does the transition to online leave requests and tracking of available time using software intersect with the employer’s responsibilities? The DOL provides insights in this webinar recording ... Read more.

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