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Incumbent Physical Ability Tests

November 2019
Given the high-stress environment of the public safety profession, recruiting the next generation of public servants is more difficult than ever and total worker health can seem unattainable as a goal. The city of Sioux Falls has implemented a variety of strategies and tools to pursue that goal … Read more.

Legislative Updates

Massachusetts Begins Withholdings

October 2019
After an initial delay, payroll and wage withholdings to fund the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Act (PFMLA) began Oct. 1, 2019. The MA PFMLA will allow employees in the Commonwealth to begin taking paid leave in 2021 for their own or family member’s serious health condition … Read more.


Webinar Recording: FMLA/ADA Abuse

October 2019
Handling FMLA/ADA claims is a necessary function for all organizations. However, from time to time, an employer may have to respond to claims that are not valid, and in some cases, fraudulent. This session discusses the steps to properly investigate possible claims of FMLA/ADA abuse and how to minimize litigation exposure … Read more.

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