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Compliance Makeover: Sit-Stand Desks

January 2017
We have all seen the headlines — “sitting is the new smoking,” and “we are sitting ourselves to death,” and “death by chair.” Are they true or just the latest hype to help boost the fast-growing sales for sit-stand workstations? What do employers need to do to help employees break the sitting cycle? ... Read more.
Legislative Updates

Failure to Provide FMLA Notice is Interference

February 2017
The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has found that failing to provide a notice required under the FMLA constitutes interference with FMLA rights. In the case, the employer failed to provide an FMLA designation notice explaining that the employee’s reinstatement would be contingent on providing a fitness for duty certification ... Read more.

Webinar Recording: Leave Management Survey Results

February 2017
With information from over 1,100 employer survey respondents, this webinar gives an inside look into how companies of all sizes are managing all types of leaves, including a closer look at management of parental leave, family care leave, and paid sick leave. Best practices in absence management are also shared. Read more.

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