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Accommodating Long COVID

Americans with Disabilities Act Issue

Realizing that effective accommodations exist for virtually all limitations and restrictions is an invaluable insight for organizations looking to maximize workforce effectiveness. Long COVID, like all business challenges, presents an opportunity if it is addressed directly to support employees’ health and wellness. ... Read more.

Legislative Updates

Updated CDC COVID-19 Guidance

September 2022

In an effort to streamline the guidance and reflect the current state of the pandemic, the CDC once again issued updated guidance. The new guidance focuses on individual responsibility and is designed to help the public better understand how to protect themselves and others if they are sick or exposed. ... Read more.


Podcast: Bucketing Paid Leaves

September 2022

More employers are questioning how they create time away programs that are meaningful to employee populations of all ages and backgrounds. Hear how bucketing leaves can empower employees to take the time they need to maintain a work-life balance in this episode of Absence Management Perspectives ... Read more.

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