@Work Magazine

Impact of Employer Size on Absence and Disability

July 2018
Significant differences were found in short-term disability and FMLA incidence, duration, and cost based upon employer size. Generally, larger employers face higher costs, incidence, and duration per employee than do smaller employers … Read more.

Legislative Updates

Massachusetts Passes Paid Family & Medical Leave Law

July 2018
On June 28, Governor Charlie Baker signed into law the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave program. Benefits through the program will begin on Jan. 1, 2021, while deductions to fund the program begin July 1, 2019 … Read more.


Webinar Recording: Open Workspace Design

June 2018
How do remote work and workplace design affect your return-to-work programs? This webinar provides insight into how these concepts impact mental health as it relates to claim duration, job satisfaction, co-worker relationships, and success in the job … Read more.

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