@Work Magazine

Supervisor Training Business Case

March 2019
Finding the time and budget to train supervisors is a huge challenge for HR departments. And yet the cost of a single employee lawsuit dwarfs the cost of a comprehensive training program — including both hard dollars and personnel time … Read more.

Legislative Updates

Amended Minneapolis PSL Law Upheld

May 2019
The Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance can be enforced against businesses not physically located in the city but who have employees who work at least 80 hours in a year within the geographic boundaries of the city, according to a court decision last week … Read more.


Webinar Recording: Medical Certification

April 2019
What is an employer’s option when they doubt the validity of a leave request? When is it appropriate to trigger recertification or a second opinion? This webinar offers answers to these questions, highlights what is allowed under the FMLA, and more … Read more.

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