@Work Magazine

Program Showcase: Injury Counselor for RTW

March 2017
Safety and injury prevention are the first steps in any solid workers’ compensation program. But what happens when an injury occurs? Is there a way to get ahead of a claim before problems develop? Many employers overlook, undervalue, or interact poorly with the most critical element in the process — the employee ... Read more.
Legislative Updates

IRS Memo on Fixed Indemnity Health Plans

March 2017
The Internal Revenue Service has released a memorandum clarifying the tax treatment of benefits paid by Fixed-Indemnity Health Plans. A fixed-indemnity health plan typically pays a set dollar amount for certain health-related occurrences such as emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays ... Read more.

2016 Employer Leave Management White Paper

March 2017
With information from over 1,100 respondents, the white paper covers employer methods, challenges, and successes in the administration of all types of leaves. This year's report also takes a closer look at management of parental leave, family care leave, and paid sick leave as well ADA accommodations. Read more.

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