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Program Showcase: Opioid Reduction & Management

November 2016
Even if your organization has maintained a “drug-free workplace” for decades, your employees need another layer of protection from you to reduce their risk from opioids. For many employees, addiction to opioid painkillers began with employer-provided healthcare ... Read more.
Legislative Updates

Federal Judge Delays Overtime Rules

November 2016
A federal district court judge in Texas has granted a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the Department of Labor from implementing its regulations on exemptions from the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is only a temporary injunction and not permanent; however, it is indefinite ... Read more.

Webinar Recording: Statutory Disability Update

November 2016
If you have employees in statutory jurisdictions, you're always looking for tools and tactics to stay on top of your compliance obligations. This session provides information about disability and paid leave program changes for 2017. In addition, answers are provided to common employer questions ... Read more.

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