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RTW Case Study: Musculoskeletal Best Practices

September 2016
Musculoskeletal disorders affect more than half of Americans age 18 and over. Many disability management professionals utilize software programs that contain built-in information to assist in determining disability duration from various musculoskeletal disorders and return-to-work needs ... Read more.
Legislative Updates

District Court Rules Medical Exams are Voluntary

October 2016
The Eastern District of Wisconsin has decided the case of EEOC v. Orion Energy Systems, granting summary judgment in part favoring Orion’s argument that their wellness program was voluntary. The case allows Orion to require a Health Risk Assessment as a part of its wellness program ... Read more.

Webinar Recording: Clearing the Marijuana Haze

October 2016
With medical marijuana laws passing in more and more states and a federal ban on marijuana still in place, it’s challenging to know which law applies or what to do. Does an employer have to accommodate medical marijuana use? This session covers requirements, considerations, and impacts ... Read more.

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