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Webinar Recording: ADA Basics

April 29, 2021In this session, we tackled the nuts and bolts of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with a deep dive into the foundational components of the law. This event featured ... Read More

Webinar Recording: FMLA Basics

April 21, 2021Although the FMLA was signed into law over 25 years ago, understanding its requirements can be overwhelming. This event featured a recording of our FMLA Basics webinar, which walked participants ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Leave Management Evolution – Employer Response to COVID-19’s Disruption

February 25, 2021The COVID-19 pandemic has been an exercise in agility, empathy, and innovation for employers across the globe. As we examine the changes of the past year — including economic uncertainty, ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Practical Steps to Address the FMLA/PFL Knowledge Gap

February 24, 2021The absence management industry has come a long way, but employees are often challenged to understand the leave entitlement process and absence resources available to them. Through a multi-year survey, ... Read More

Webinar Recording: New Year, New Insights – Challenges and Best Practices

February 17, 2021The importance of leave was reinforced during 2020 with the unprecedented circumstances brought on by COVID-19. Human resource professionals nationwide were once again tasked with understanding and navigating multiple leave ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Results of the 10th Annual Leave Management Survey

February 11, 2021DMEC partnered with Spring Consulting for the 10th year in a row to conduct our Employer Leave Management Survey. We gathered information from employers around the nuances of leave management ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Your Questions Answered! A Follow Up to FMLA Certifications

February 4, 2021Certifications under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) continue to challenge employers of all industries and sizes. Our 2020 Tools & Tactics Webinar: FMLA Certifications – A Step-by-Step Guide took a ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Understanding Connecticut Paid Family & Medical Leave

January 14, 2021Employers have been scrambling to keep up as the maze of new and updated paid family and medical leave (PFML) laws continue to unfold. Contributions for Connecticut’s PFML statute started ... Read More

Webinar Recording: New Year, New Eligibility – CFRA’s New Look for 2021

December 10, 2020California wrapped up its 2020 legislative session with the Governor passing several bills that bring dramatic changes to employee leave requirements. The California Family Rights Act (CFRA) saw changes that ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Innovations in Clinical Claims Management

December 8, 2020Change has been the name of the game for absence and disability management! And the foundational claims management practices have not been immune to the numerous changes our industry has ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Caregiving’s Impact on Health, Family, and the Workplace

December 3, 2020Multiple studies have shown how serving as a caregiver for others, whether it be a child or an aging parent, can take a toll on the emotional, financial, and physical ... Read More

Webinar Recording: COVID-19’s Impact on Behavioral Health in the Workplace

December 1, 2020Enough is enough! The pandemic, unemployment, natural disasters, and racial injustice across the nation has challenged employees emotionally, physically and mentally. In addition, your workforce is struggling with restrictions, adapting ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Statutory Paid Leaves – What You Need to Know for 2021

November 19, 2020If you have employees in any of these statutory jurisdictions — California, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, or Washington state — ... Read More

Webinar Recording: FMLA Certifications – A Step-by-Step Guide

November 12, 2020The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been around for 25 years, but employers still struggle with several administrative aspects of the law. Employers regularly report confusion around managing the ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Ready or Not, Here It Comes! Massachusetts PFML

November 5, 2020As if navigating a global pandemic wasn’t already challenging enough, employers now have the added struggle of managing the proposed new laws coming to the state of Massachusetts. Ready or ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Caregiving Crisis – COVID-19’s Impact on Working Parents and Employer Support Programs

October 22, 2020The COVID-19 pandemic has been fraught with challenges for everyone. Working parents may be feeling the brunt of these struggles as they attempt to balance their careers with the ever-changing ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Put Your Oxygen Mask On First – Helping Managers Address Behavioral Health

October 1, 2020Research shows that mental health and substance abuse issues are taking a toll on employees and workplaces across the country. COVID-19 has further exacerbated this already growing trend, and made ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The ADA Link

September 29, 2020How does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) interact and link with other regulations, policies, and programs in the workplace? In this webinar, we walked through ADA definitions and requirements, ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Ability in Disability – A More Inclusive Workplace Strategy

September 24, 2020Over fifty percent of people in this country have a person in their life with a disability. Disability is a natural part of the “human condition,” yet represents the largest ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Healthcare Solutions for Employers’ High-Cost Populations

September 17, 2020Rising healthcare costs continue to plague both employers and employees alike. As employers work to maintain the budget while offering the benefits employees need to maintain health, employees struggle to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Great Return – Tips & Tricks to Develop Your RTW Plan

September 15, 2020As the work environment continues to evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are struggling to develop safe return-to-work strategies, especially when the great return will likely be phased out across ... Read More

Webinar Recording: A Deep Dive Into Job Protection – What Does it Really Mean?

September 10, 2020Those working in leave of absence often use the term “job protection,” but what does it really mean? In some cases, the law spells it out. The Family and Medical ... Read More

Webinar Recording: FMLA Forms Revamped – The DOL Weighs in on Updates

July 30, 2020In this webinar, the Department of Labor (DOL) presented a head-to-toe overview of changes to its optional-use Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms. Attendees learned what has changed in ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Combating Unconscious Bias – Strategies for Developing Cultural Awareness

July 28, 2020No matter how good our intentions are to be free of prejudice, we all have implicit biases that can have a serious impact on our work. In this webinar, participants ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Beyond Leave – Creative Approaches to Support Employee Caregivers

July 16, 2020More than ever before, U.S. employees find themselves balancing both work and caregiving responsibilities. In fact, research published by Harvard Business Review in 2019 found that 75% of U.S. workers have caregiving ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Employer Obligations to Victims of Domestic Violence

June 25, 2020Employees who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, or have a family member in that situation, may be entitled to employment protections. These lesser-known protections could include the right to take a ... Read More

Webinar Recording: California Dreaming or Administrative Nightmare?

June 23, 2020As leave laws expand nationwide, one state still dominates as the most challenging and complex — some even say it is an administrative nightmare! The mere mention of California leave ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Test Your Knowledge – COVID-19 and the Impact on Employee Leave

May 28, 2020The ever-changing nature of COVID-19 has presented challenges that have been a shock to the functionality of the global workforce. Employers have been scrambling for weeks to understand how to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Honest Belief – Defending Your FMLA Decisions

May 21, 2020As an employer, suspected abuse of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can present many challenges. Leave abuse can increase an employer’s costs and deplete resources, while also greatly ... Read More

Webinar Recording: COVID-19 and Beyond – Best Practices for Coordinating the FMLA and the ADA

May 7, 2020Managing absence and disability is more challenging than ever in the midst of a global pandemic. The rules of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with ... Read More

Webinar Recording: FMLA Certifications – Authentications, Recertifications, Second Opinions & More!

April 30, 2020Medical certifications provide a roadmap for managing Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) use. They are also an essential tool for limiting FMLA fraud and abuse. In this webinar, we ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Do’s and Don’ts of Defensible Documentation

April 21, 2020Defensible documentation requires a great deal of intricacy, especially when it comes to ADA or FMLA compliance, but how do you know if you’re capturing enough detail? When is too much documentation ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Evolution of the FMLA

April 14, 2020The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has continuously evolved since its inception in 1993, but how did we get here, and where are we going in 2020 and beyond? ... Read More

Webinar Recording: ADA – To Outsource or To Not? That is the Question!

April 9, 2020Many companies are managing ADA in-house, and may have questions about how program components or responsibilities can be outsourced. Today, employers have a range of outsourcing options that will keep ... Read More

Webinar Recording: What Would the Experts Do? Test Your FMLA Knowledge

February 20, 2020Compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) remains a top challenge for employers. It gets even murkier when you tie in emerging state leave laws, intermittent leave management, ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Handle with Care – Managing Absence in an Era of Leave Entitlement

February 11, 2020Ideally, employers and employees have a flexible relationship, one that ebbs and flows throughout the ups and downs of the realities of life. A typical employee experiences a host of ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Results of the 9th Annual Leave Management Survey

February 6, 2020As leave management grows in complexity, so do the questions plaguing absence and disability professionals. If you’ve ever wondered about the leave benefits offered by others in your industry, or ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Top 10 FMLA Challenges

January 21, 2020While many employers have developed strong skills and experience navigating the administration of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), questions remain. All too often, these specific questions are left unanswered ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Practical Guidance to Improve Your Bottom Line Through IMEs

January 16, 2020Rising healthcare costs continue to put a pinch on employer budgets. According to Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2019 Employer Benefits Survey, employer sponsored health coverage rose 5% in 2019 alone. Many ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Solving Leave Management Challenges – PFML, STD & More!

December 10, 2019Absence management professionals are struggling to keep up in an era of unprecedented change. As state leave laws continue to evolve, it can be difficult to keep pace. Coordinating the ... Read More

Webinar Recording: How Leave of Absence Intersects with Other Employment Laws

December 5, 2019Leave of absence is just a portion of the employment law universe in which human resources and benefit professionals live. Decisions made in one employment practice or policy may impact ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Intermittent Leave and the ADA – What’s Reasonable?

November 21, 2019With the recent 7th circuit court decisions regarding leave as an accommodation, many employers are grappling with how to reconcile these requests and needs with EEOC guidance. Intermittent leave is ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Understanding Absence – What Your Employees Think They Know

November 19, 2019As absence professionals, we spend time learning about various absence regulations under the FMLA and paid family leave (PFL) statutes, the confines of these laws, and how much leave an ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Statutory Paid State Leaves – What You Need to Know

November 14, 2019If you have employees in any of these statutory jurisdictions — California, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, and/or Washington — you might ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Occ or Non-Occ – Does It Really Matter?

November 12, 2019This session discussed the interplay between workers’ compensation and leave management strategies.  While these areas are covered under different jurisdictions (in some cases, many jurisdictions), there is also an opportunity ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Creating a LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace – Going Beyond Policies

October 31, 2019While most companies have a nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity, 46% of LGBTQ workers remain closeted at work. A culture of inclusiveness means being visible from ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Midwest Region Compliance Update

October 29, 2019The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. Our annual compliance update webinar series is designed to help struggling employers keep up with the ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Reduce Your ADA Burden – Return-to-Work Strategy & Implementation

October 24, 2019The evolution of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) brings additional complexity to an employer’s return-to-work (RTW) strategy. While most HR professionals are skilled at managing employees on short- or ... Read More

Webinar Recording: South Region Compliance Update

October 15, 2019The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. Our annual compliance update webinar series is designed yo help struggling employers keep up with the ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Basic, Better, Best – Solutions to Improve Your ADAAA Documentation

October 10, 2019We know proper documentation is critical to our programs and policies, but some of us still struggle to incorporate robust documentation systems within our organizations. Without clear guidance on the ... Read More

Webinar Recording: FMLA/ADA Abuse – How to Conduct an Effective Investigation

October 3, 2019Handling FMLA/ADA claims is a necessary function for all organizations. However, from time to time, an employer may have to respond to claims that are not valid, and in some ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Northeast Region Compliance Update

October 1, 2019The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. Our annual compliance update webinar series is designed yo help struggling employers keep up with the ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Understanding Suicide’s Impact in the Workplace

September 26, 2019The rising suicide rate has become a global issue with far reaching impact, and workplaces are not immune. Every 40 seconds a person commits suicide — the World Health Organization ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Empowering Employees to Thrive in an Ever-Changing Work-Life World

September 5, 2019As the workplace continues to change, leaders are left wondering how they should help employees navigate competing priorities in a more dynamic world. Employees’ expectations are shifting, and they’re looking ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Navigating the Complexity of Paid Leave

July 16, 2019The complex paid leave landscape in America is expanding as new states continue to implement paid family and medical leave programs. While understanding the difference between accrued paid leave, mandated ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Are You Ready for Emerging Paid Statutory Leave Programs?

June 27, 2019Paid family and medical leave programs are gaining traction across the nation, and are currently approved in seven states. Each state’s approved program is unique in terms of plan design, ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Opioid Epidemic and Employer Solutions

June 20, 2019Over 60% of the 10 million Americans with opioid use disorder are employed. Many are valued employees whose illnesses lead to lost productivity, involuntary leave, excessive healthcare costs, work accidents, ... Read More

Webinar Recording: A Family Affair – Employer Obligations for Pregnant Employees and New Parents

June 18, 2019While a normal pregnancy is not considered an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) disability, there are employer obligations that may come into play with pregnant employees. Pregnancy is a strategic priority ... Read More

Webinar Recording: ADA – Accommodating Workers with Mental Health Issues

June 13, 2019Mental health and depression continue to rise as leading causes of disability leave. Today, nearly 20% of American workers report having a mental health condition in any given month. This ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Examining Mental Health in the Workplace

May 21, 2019Mental health is a universal asset, but one of significant importance for workers and organizations. The mental well-being of a company’s workforce can make or break performance, production, and profitability. ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Absence and the Alphabet Soup of System Solutions

May 16, 2019Technology in the integrated absence management space continues to evolve. Savvy professionals are getting the education they need to understand their technology options, and are learning how to leverage solutions ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Effective Implementation of Disability Auto-Enroll – From Strategy to Communication

April 25, 2019The Department of Labor (DOL) released a letter approving the use of auto-enroll for employer sponsored disability insurance. But what does this really mean for employers and their employees come ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Medical Certification and Recertification

April 18, 2019What is an employer’s option when they doubt the validity of a leave request? When is it appropriate to trigger recertification or a second opinion? This session offered answers to these ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Breaking the Silence to Improve Behavioral Health Conditions

March 28, 2019Jobs and their essential functions are typically designed for workers in optimal health, but not all workers show up that way. Millions of Americans struggle with mental health and substance ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Evolving Accommodation Requests – You Need What?!

March 19, 2019While leave may be the most common accommodation request, many employers are also reporting an increase in telecommuting and workplace modification requests. A clear understanding of what constitutes a reasonable ... Read More

Webinar Recording: 5 Basic Strategies to Support RTW and Manage Accommodations

March 14, 2019Effectively returning employees to work and managing accommodations have long been challenges within even the best absence and disability programs. This session offered an understanding of five effective strategies to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The 3 C’s of ADA – Consistency, Compliance, and Communication

March 7, 2019The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) process can be a daunting experience, even for the most experienced companies. Consistent policies, which are effectively communicated, can drive compliance and improve the employee ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Results of the 8th Annual Leave Management Survey

February 7, 2019As absence and disability programs continue to evolve, so do the complexities of leave administration. DMEC and Spring Consulting Group partnered together to understand employer challenges in managing all types of ... Read More

Webinar Recording: New Year’s Resolution – Master the FMLA Forms

January 22, 2019The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) medical certification form and other required notices can prove challenging for employers. Evaluating the information provided and making an accurate determination of leave ... Read More