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Webinar Recording: COVID-19 and the Downstream Impacts of Delayed Care

May 25, 2023While the United States has returned to a new normal, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt by employers. Many organizations have returned to hybrid or normal ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Playing the Long Game – How to Keep Employees at Work

May 18, 2023Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, employers are looking differently at their role in returning employees to, or keeping them at, work when a serious health condition arises. One ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Time Away from Work Trends

May 17, 2023Employers across all industries are scrambling to stay competitive and keep up with the latest leave and time off trends. In this session, attendees learned what other employers are doing ... Read More

Webinar Recording: FMLA Experts on Speed Dial

April 27, 2023Have you ever wanted to have an FMLA expert on speed dial? Are you stumped by a specific FMLA scenario or question? What would it be like to have your ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Making the Human Touch Matter – Automation in Claims

April 26, 2023With employers representing all sizes and industries striving to improve employee experience and outcomes, you likely find yourself wondering how to add value to the claims process and ensure every ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Navigating the Intersection of Paid Leave and Disability Plans

April 12, 2023Between family medical leave, short-term disability (STD), and more states passing paid family and medical leave programs (PFML), employers face a complex web of absence benefits that they must manage ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Facts and Trends – Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

April 11, 2023With so many different laws and benefits now covering maternity, parental, and caregiving leaves, employers are challenged to meet their obligations to protect pregnant, nursing, and working caregivers. In this ... Read More

Webinar Recording: An Updated Look at State PFML

March 15, 2023Approximately one third of the U.S. population lives in a state that has enacted paid family and medical leave laws (PFML). This means that employers need to be informed about ... Read More

Webinar Recording: FMLA Administration in the Digital Age

February 28, 2023Technology is present in all aspects of our lives, and that includes accessing and administering the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). But how does the transition to online leave ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Important Questions Employers Should Ask Before Implementing PFML

February 23, 2023No matter the industry, employers have difficult decisions when determining which benefits packages to offer employees while providing the most value. And those decisions are becoming more complex as new ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Moving the Needle on Mental Health – Tips & Strategies For Effective Well-being

January 24, 2023Mental health support is part of every savvy employer’s benefit offerings, and for good cause. When employees are mentally well, they are more likely to be physically healthier and more ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Basics

January 1, 2023This introductory education on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dissected the ADA’s fundamental requirements in a practical way, preparing you to confidently integrate ADA compliance into your organization. By ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Basics

January 1, 2023Although the FMLA was signed into law over 25 years ago, understanding its requirements can be overwhelming. This presentation walked learners through FMLA basics, and provided practical, best practices that ... Read More

Webinar Recording: State PFML Comparisons and Prospects for a Federal Solution

December 15, 2022Understanding statutory paid family leave (PFL) and paid family and medical leave (PFML) mandates — which continue to evolve and proliferate around the country — is no easy task. Legal ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Serving Those Who Serve – Addressing the Unique Needs of Military Caregivers

November 30, 2022As we wrapped up National Family Caregiver Month in November, the burden is real and does not end! We focused on unique challenges faced by caregivers of individuals who have ... Read More

Webinar Recording: How to Develop a Leave Compliance Process

November 17, 2022Every company needs a compliance process in all aspects of their operations to make sure employees are treated fairly and within legal guidelines. With many companies hiring rapidly, it is ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Statutory Paid Leaves – What You Need to Know For 2023

November 16, 2022If you have employees in a statutory jurisdiction, you’re likely looking for tools and tactics to stay on top of your compliance obligations. There are several states that have enacted ... Read More

Recording: 2022 DMEC Virtual Vendor Showcase

November 9, 2022Whether you insource, outsource, or anything in between, we know how daunting the absence management product and service selection process can be. As an employer, knowing which solutions are available ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Back to the Future – 2022 Trends and 2023 Predictions

November 3, 2022We’ve seen dizzying changes in the integrated disability and absence management (IDAM) space over the past few years, and 2022 was no exception! Join this interactive webinar to get your ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Layers of Leave – A Practical Guide for Program Navigation

November 1, 2022Employee leave is a complicated subject, and it continues to become more complex as new rules and regulations are created regarding federal, state, local, and company leaves. This new landscape ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Shift From Mandated PFML Programs – What You Need To Know

October 25, 2022With the absence of a federal program, individual states have been adopting their own variations of paid family and medical leave (PFML) programs — each of which are unique. So ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Northeast Region Compliance Update

October 20, 2022The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. DMEC’s annual compliance update webinar series is intended to help employers who might be struggling to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Midwest Region Compliance Update

October 18, 2022The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. DMEC’s annual compliance update webinar series is intended to help employers who might be struggling to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: South Region Compliance Update

October 13, 2022The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. DMEC’s annual compliance update webinar series is intended to help employers who might be struggling to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: West Region Compliance Update

October 11, 2022The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. DMEC’s annual compliance update webinar series is intended to help employers who might be struggling to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Compliance Jeopardy – Leave of Absence Edition

October 6, 2022THIS IS JEOPARDY! Now entering the studio are today’s contestants — all returning champions with unmatched total winnings! We invite you to tune in for a rollicking game of Compliance ... Read More

Webinar Recording: 2022 Federal Compliance Update

October 4, 2022The compliance landscape surrounding absence and disability management is changing at a dizzying pace. DMEC’s annual compliance update webinar series is intended to help employers who might be struggling to ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Driving Change in Your Leave Administration Program

September 27, 2022Changes abound within your workforce, work environments, and the leave landscape. Shifts in who will work, what work looks like, where we work, and when we work is driving significant ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Paid Sick Leave vs. Paid Medical Leave – Beyond the Basics

September 22, 2022In April 2022, we presented a back-to-basics webinar exploring the interplay between paid sick leave and paid medical leave. This follow-up webinar moved past the basics and addressed more advanced ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Preparing for the Upcoming Oregon and Colorado PFML Programs

September 21, 2022Effective Jan. 1, 2023, both Oregon and Colorado will start collecting contributions for the state-funded paid family and medical leave (PFML) plans. While the actual benefits go live in September ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Absence Management – Take The Absence Challenge

September 15, 2022Although the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been around for several years, many employers still struggle with knowing and applying the law. Compliance remains one of the top ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Strategies For Ensuring a Quality Behavioral Health IME

July 14, 2022Independent medical exams (IMEs) are a valuable tool for employers challenging questionable claims. But navigating the process, particularly for a behavioral health claim, can be an even greater challenge. Many ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Right Mix – Shaping a Compliant and Supportive Paid Leave Program

July 12, 2022How do you create a leave program that meets the needs of employees while making sure you’re in compliance with administrative and legal requirements? In this session, we guided you ... Read More

Webinar Recording: What Employers Need to Know about Statutory PFML Plans

June 22, 2022The rapid adoption of statutory paid family and medical leave (PFML) laws is enough to make heads spin. And it’s impacting a growing number of industry professions. In the 2021 ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Are Your Behavioral Health Benefits Working?

June 21, 2022The recent global health crisis has dramatically increased the prevalence and severity of mental health challenges, and the working world has seen the impact. These challenges can disrupt employees’ ability ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Ins and Outs of Workplace Accommodations

May 19, 2022The definition of a workplace has expanded greatly in the past several years — impacting both when and how organizations conduct business. As a result, we’ve seen shifts in accommodation ... Read More

Webinar Recording: The Stay-at-Work Game Has Changed – What Will Your Normal Look Like?

May 5, 2022Remote work is no longer just a temporary solution to get through the pandemic, but an indefinite format for the workforce. And it’s here to stay. Is permanent remote work ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Data-Driven Claims Management for Improved Outcomes

April 21, 2022Absence and disability management professionals work hard to identify and leverage the tools at their disposal. Data is one of the most valuable assets available for managing disability claims. Whether ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Quantify This – A Guide to Benchmarking Best Practices

April 20, 2022How does your lost time experience compare to your competition? Is your workplace safer? Are your employees more likely to go out on short-term disability (STD) or long-term disability (LTD)? ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Paid Sick Leave vs. Paid Medical Leave – Back to Basics

April 7, 2022Paid sick leave versus paid medical leave — the 2010s were the decade of paid sick leave laws, and the 2020s are shaping up to be the decade of paid ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Parental Leave – Compliance, Parity, and Beyond

April 5, 2022More and more companies are finding paid parental leave policies to be a crucial element in a robust total rewards program. Once a rare perk, they are becoming table stakes ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Results of the 11th Annual Leave Management Survey

March 2, 2022As leave management grows in complexity, so do the questions plaguing absence and disability professionals. If you’ve ever wondered about the leave benefits offered by others in your industry, or ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Have You Checked Your Vitals Recently? Healthcare Research & Industry Trends

February 22, 2022Since the start of the pandemic, employers have been struggling with how to support their workforces. This is especially true for the millions of front-line healthcare workers who are experiencing ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Next Level Leave Administration – FMLA Guidance for 2022 and Beyond

February 10, 2022Human resources professionals are feeling the pressure of being tasked with understanding and navigating multiple intersecting leave laws while guiding their workforce through the complexity of the leave landscape. To ... Read More

Webinar Recording: Vaccine Mandates, Exemptions, and Accommodations

January 20, 2022As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, the complexity of absence requests and accommodations continue to expand. Many employers are now faced with looming vaccine mandates, along with the inevitable vaccine ... Read More