Webinar Recording: Top 10 Insights From Leave and Disability Claim Audits

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In this session, we shared indispensable insights and proven strategies for managing disability and leave claims — including insights into significant audit findings that only a deep dive into claims processing could uncover.

Throughout the session, we explored the application of these discoveries to revitalize and fine-tune your leave and disability programs and discussed how to strategically use your audit findings, maximize your auditing investments, and leverage these results to encourage superior performance from your claims vendor.

Attendees walked away with the tools and understanding necessary to not only enhance vendor performance, but also significantly improve the experience of your employees. You will discover a wealth of knowledge that will help transform your claims management strategies, resulting in a more efficient and employee-friendly system.


  • Cindy Qureshi, Sr. Claims Consultant, Marsh McLennan Agency, Absence, Disability and Life
  • Jennifer Skeeters, Sr. Consultant, Marsh McLennan Agency, Absence, Disability and Life


This webinar qualifies for the following CEUs: 1 ADMS, 1 CDMS, 1 CLMS, 1 PHR, and 1 SHRM. If you are interested in receiving continuing education credit for the recorded webinar, you will need to watch the full webinar, and then download your certificate of attendance from the “Webinar Recording and Continuing Education” tab.