Webinar Recording: The Correlation Between Chronic Conditions & Mental Health

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Chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and mental health conditions account for 90% of the nation’s $4.1 trillion in annual healthcare spend. This significantly drives up costs for employers and has far reaching negative impacts on the affected employee.

In this session, we focused on several chronic diseases and how, when left untreated and unmanaged, they can lead to the development and/or exacerbation of mental health condition(s). We discussed best practices for addressing this issue as well as how employers can build programs and create accommodations for common chronic conditions.


  • Tori Weeks, CEAS, Sr. Director, Health and Productivity, Analytics and Consulting Practice, Prudential
  • Wendy Coduti, PhD, CRC, Regional Director, Health and Productivity, Analytics and Consulting Practice, Prudential
  • Elana Mendelssohn-Gara, PsyD, Vice President & Medical Director, Prudential
  • Naishami Patel, OD, Vice President & Medical Director, Prudential


This webinar qualifies for the following CEUs: 1 ADMS, 1 CDMS, 1 CLMS, 1 PHR, and 1 SHRM. If you are interested in receiving continuing education credit for the recorded webinar, you will need to watch the full webinar, and then download your certificate of attendance from the “Webinar Recording and Continuing Education” tab.

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