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Marcia Carruthers Passes the Chairperson Baton

Kevin Curry

Kevin Curry
DMEC Board Vice Chairperson

Marcia Carruthers

Marcia Carruthers
DMEC Board Chairperson

DMEC Co-founder and current Board of Directors’ Chairperson, Marcia Carruthers will be retiring in December 2019 and will be passing the Chairperson baton to Kevin Curry, Chief Revenue Officer at ReedGroup.

Through the leadership of Carruthers and Sharon Kaleta, DMEC got its start in 1992 as a small networking group of employers. “When DMEC was first conceived, it involved a passion to help employers save money and encourage return to work,” said Carruthers. “It was based on the feeling that this was the right thing to do, and it was propelled by those of us who felt that human cost savings were even more important than corporate cost savings. And from the start, we were focused on integration and how to deploy it as an organizational concept for all aspects of disability management. This was something unique at the time when programs and processes were deeply siloed.”

Serving in various roles from DMEC’s inception in 1992, including Chief Executive Officer from 2007 to 2013, Carruthers was instrumental in shaping the initial vision and framework for the organization. She laid the foundation for several of DMEC’s signature education programs, including the DMEC Annual Conference, the DMEC Compliance Conference, @Work magazine, Virtual Education Forum and Tools & Tactics webinars, and more.

Her passion for mental health and wellness initiatives led to the creation of the DMEC Behavioral Risk Conference (2006-2011) and the DMEC Behavioral Health Survey (2006-2016). These initiatives have evolved into preconference workshops at the DMEC Annual Conference, a dedicated mental health issue of @Work magazine, and mental health pulse surveys and webinars, which continue to deliver best practices on this important topic.

During her term as Board Chairperson, Carruthers has worked to develop the next generation of DMEC Board leaders and supported DMEC’s evolution and growth over the last seven years. “In the 27 years I have worked with DMEC, it has been a privilege to watch as we have become known not only for our exceptional education opportunities, but even more importantly, for strong collegial relationships and a warm welcoming environment. It is a sense of ‘family’ that has endured over the years.”

Carruthers will spend her final year as Chairperson transitioning leadership of this important role to Kevin Curry, who will serve as Vice Chairman of the Board in 2019. Curry is a well-respected 20-year veteran and expert in the absence management industry, and has led sales and marketing teams within ReedGroup for more than eight years. Prior to joining ReedGroup, Kevin served in senior positions for Mercer’s Total Health Management practice, where he partnered with large employers to help them reduce costs, significantly improve absence management productivity, and meet specific and measurable objectives.

“Over the last 20 years, I’ve experienced DMEC’s commitment to delivering innovative education, resources, and networking for the absence management industry, and now I’m so honored to lead the Board of Directors,” said Curry. “As the absence management market continues to change, DMEC will also need to change, with a focus on innovation that will continue to add value as a trusted resource for our members in the workplace. I look forward to working will all our members and the amazing DMEC team.“

We invite you to join us at the 2019 DMEC Annual Conference, Aug. 6-9, in Washington, D.C., as we celebrate Marcia Carruthers’ outstanding contributions to DMEC and welcome Kevin Curry into his new role.