How Technology Can Simplify the Healthcare and Wellness Ecosystem

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How Technology Can Simplify the Healthcare and Wellness Ecosystem

By Christy Traupe

InMarket Product Manager

Many employers provide such generous health and wellness programs that it’s a challenge for employees to navigate this environment and effectively use the right supports at their point of need.

Employers are driven by many great motives. They want to foster high employee productivity, reduce total healthcare spending through prevention, and enhance recruiting and retention. Or even just “to do the right thing” and keep employees happy. Many employers are striving to consider needs of the whole person, so they include programs for physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being. This evolution has created a very complex ecosystem to navigate, scattered across health plans, wellness initiatives, and employee assistance programs (EAPs).

To ensure these programs achieve their goals and produce positive outcomes, employers are looking for ways to make navigation simple, intuitive, and quick for employees. This may not require full integration of the entire medical/wellness/EAP programs ecosystem, but even a simpler approach to develop a single access point must serve significant employer goals:

  • Effectively communicate to employees what programs and benefits are available.
  • Identify the right tools to develop a single, streamlined, integrated location for employees to navigate the entire ecosystem.
  • Measure the success of the access point for outgoing communications and for employee use to access information and benefits/programs, and link that activity to employee outcomes.

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