2019 DMEC Vendor Resource Directory

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DMEC is pleased to provide the first release of our new Vendor Resource Directory. Based on feedback from our members, we understand how daunting the absence management product and service … Read More

EEOC Revises Wellness Plan Regulations

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On Dec. 20, the EEOC revised wellness plan regulations by removing the section that permitted incentives. In doing so, the EEOC left employers back in the quandary they were in before. Neither the law, nor the remaining regulations, expressly prohibit (or permit) incentives.

Michigan’s Amended Paid Medical Leave Law

DMEC StaffLegislative Updates

The Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act requires employers in Michigan to provide their employees with accrued paid medical leave to use for their own or their family members’ medical needs and for purposes related to domestic violence and sexual assault. The new law will become effective in March 2019.

Michigan Governor Signs Sick Leave Amendment

DMEC StaffLegislative Updates

On Dec. 13, Michigan GOP Governor Rick Snyder signed into law the bill amending the recently enacted Paid Sick Leave (PSL) law, putting the finishing touch on a two-step political strategy to have the legislature craft a PSL bill rather than have voters consider a bill crafted by PSL advocates.