Active Certification Period

Your Certified Leave Management Specialist (CLMS) designation is active for two (2) years from the date you successfully complete the CLMS final exam. Both the date you earned your CLMS designation as well as the date your designation expires is included on your CLMS designation certificate.

Access Your CLMS Designation Certificate

Log into the DMEC Learning Center. Follow the instructions under the “My Designation & Certificate” section to view and download your certificate.

Use of CLMS Letters

If you have earned your CLMS designation, you are entitled to use the official designation letters (i.e., Jane Smith, CLMS) in your signature line, on business cards, and in social media profiles as long as you maintain an active CLMS status. Use of the letters without an active CLMS designation is considered a violation, and you may be denied the right to apply for certification and/or recertification and subject to legal action if this violation occurs.

Continuing Education Requirements

To maintain your CLMS designation, you must complete 16 hours of continuing education (CE) credit every two years in the focus areas noted below. Of the 16 hours, one (1) hour must be in privacy and one (1) hour must be in ethics.

  • FMLA
  • ADA(AA)
  • Other state/municipal leave laws
  • Privacy of records/medical information (HIPAA, GINA, ADA)
  • Ethical standards in leave management

You can earn your CE hours in a variety of ways, including attending DMEC webinars, chapter events, and face-to-face conferences and through professional contribution activities. At this time, DMEC does not accept continuing education hours from outside organizations.

Webinars and Chapter Events

DMEC offers both webinars and local chapter events that qualify for CLMS credit. Check the calendar of events for upcoming webinars and chapter events. Review the CEU information for each event to see if it qualifies for CLMS CEUs.

Face-to-Face Conferences

Both the DMEC FMLA/ADA Employer Compliance Conference and the DMEC Annual Conference offer CLMS CEUs. View for the conference brochures for CE hours and additional information.

Professional Contribution

A maximum of four (4) hours of professional contribution may be applied to the required 16 hours of CE required every two years. CE credit may be obtained through professional contribution activities outlined below.

  • Development of professional presentations: Two (2) CEUs for each presentation
  • Development of in-service training programs: Two (2) CEUs for each in-service training program
  • Authorship or co-authorship of a published article (print or electronic): Two (2) CEUs for each published article
    (Blogs written for social media sites or newsletters do not qualify. The article must be written for a professional publication.)

Professional contribution CE activities must focus on one or more of the focus areas noted above.

Submit your professional contribution through our online form. A $25 processing fee will be charged per CEU.

Please allow up to 10 business days for processing of professional development CE requests. Upon review, you will receive an email informing you of the approval decision. If the CE request has been approved, DMEC will add the CEUs to your DMEC Learning Center account. You are responsible for ensuring that your account is accurate and up to date.

Submitting CEUs

For each DMEC CLMS-qualified event you attend, you will receive a CLMS course code and a certificate which indicates the number of CEUs you earned, along with the date of completion.

Log into the DMEC Learning Center to submit CEUs for webinars, local chapter events, and face-to-face conferences. From the dashboard, select the “View/Submit CEUs” button under the “My CEUs” section. Select the “New Activity” button on the page and fill in the required fields, upload your certificate, fill in your CLMS course code, and submit.

Recertification Exam & Fee Requirement

Every two years, you will be required to pass a recertification exam. The fee for the exam is $100. Watch for notifications regarding your recertification exam beginning 90 days prior to your CLMS designation expiration date. Upon successful completion of both the recertification exam and the required continuing education hours, you will receive a new CLMS designation certificate with an updated expiration date.

Late Fees

If you fail to complete your recertification exam in a timely manner, you will be required to pay the following processing fees in addition to the recertification exam fee of $100.

  • 30 days after CLMS designation expiration date: $75
  • 60 days after the CLMS designation expiration date: $100
  • 90 days after the CLMS designation expiration date: $150

Lapsed Designations

Failure to pay for and successfully complete your recertification exam and/or failure to complete your required CE hours will result in the expiration of your CLMS designation. Lapsed status will be communicated to your last known email address. You will no longer be allowed to use the CLMS letters, nor represent yourself as a CLMS designee.

To reinstate your CLMS designation after it has lapsed by more than 90 days, you will be required to pay for and retake the CLMS online course and final exam.


For questions about maintaining your CLMS designation, please contact Tasha Patterson at or 800.789.3632, ext. 102.