Absence Management Perspectives

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Welcome to Absence Management Perspectives: A DMEC Podcast. This resource, available on all podcast channels, features short conversations with “the people behind the processes” and offers insights and best practices on absence and disability management trends and topics.

Listen in on our latest discussion and look for new episodes every few weeks. We’ll feature industry experts, hands-on practitioners, DMEC staff and volunteers, and more! We also invite you to share feedback and suggest topics — contact Heather Grimshaw at hgrimshaw@dmec.org. And don’t forget to share this resource with colleagues across the industry!

Latest Episodes
Season 2
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Tracking the growing number of “safe leave” laws, an umbrella term that applies to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking laws, could be a full-time job for human resources and ... Read More
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Confronted with massive change and instability, savvy employers will focus on people skills and the core tenets of what leadership means, says Debra Dupree, Psy.D., chief executive officer of Relationships ... Read More
Season 1