Ask the Accommodation Experts: Re-setting Employee Expectations

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How to Re-set Employee Expectations When Healthcare Providers Step Outside Their Role

Resetting ExpectationsBy Jenny Haykin, MA

Integrated Leaves & Accommodations
Puget Sound Energy

By Tom Sproger, MS

Ergonomics Consultant
Solutions Northwest Inc.

A sales manager submitted the following question about challenges with healthcare providers while developing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations.

“A few employees have initiated accommodation requests with a doctor’s note for full-time telecommuting. We cannot reasonably accommodate employees who meet with customers face to face and give in-person presentations this way. Unfortunately, since they have a doctor’s note, they have an expectation we will provide that accommodation. How do you recommend we handle this?”

Accommodation experts Jenny Haykin and Tom Sproger described how to get the accommodation process back on track.

Sharing documented roles and responsibilities with employees at the start of the interactive process of accommodation can create a more accurate set of expectations. It will help to specify the healthcare provider’s role, which involves furnishing documentation about the nature of the disability and the restrictions (preferably on a standard form) and answering questions to aid the accommodation process when needed.

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