2018 DMEC Business Impact of Paid Leave Pulse Survey Results

Tasha PattersonSurveys, White Papers

In the last few years, our country has seen a constantly shifting landscape of paid family and paid parental leave laws cropping up across many states and municipalities. Additionally, employers from many industries are adopting or expanding such programs for their organizations, either in response to legislative updates or to enhance their benefits offerings. One of the main challenges cited by employers in this effort lies in understanding the return on investment (ROI) of paid leave programs.

DMEC and Panorama Global partnered together to collect data on how 256 respondents are managing their leave offerings. We continued the paid leave conversation in an interactive workshop at the 2018 DMEC Annual Conference in August, which focused on understanding the business impact of paid family and medical leave. Workshop participants reviewed the  survey findings, discussed trends, and took a deeper dive into the data of ROI.