Chicago Delays Implementation of New Paid Leave Law ‘Til Mid-2024

Jai HookerPaid Sick Leave Updates

On Nov. 9, 2023, the Chicago City Council passed the Ordinance and surprised many employers with its Dec. 31, 2023 effective date. The sweeping changes – mandating 40 hours of Paid Leave and 40 hours of Paid Sick and Safe Leave – left employers scrambling to change and align their paid leave policies as the year end approached.

Leave Law Updates for Oregon Employers

Jai HookerLegislative Updates

In anticipation of Paid Leave Oregon, a new paid family leave benefit for Oregon employees, the Oregon legislature recently passed a bill that creates new entitlements for Oregon employees and aligns existing law with the forthcoming paid leave benefit.

Puerto Rico Five-Day Paid Leave for COVID-19 Ends

Jai HookerLegislative Updates

The governor of Puerto Rico has issued Executive Order No. OE-2023-012, ending the state of emergency declared in 2020 due to the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and repealing multiple Executive Orders issued to adopt preventive measures because of COVID-19.

Integrated Absence Management: Innovative Leaves

Tasha Patterson@Work

Innovative Leaves for an Evolving Workforce By Glenn Pransky, MD Scientific Advisor Lincoln Financial Group By Kristin Hostetter Sr. Prod. Mgr., Absence Mgmt. Lincoln Financial Group Profound changes are occurring … Read More